Luis Fourzan (left) and Sushil Reddy stopped at the Ant Street Inn in Brenham Sunday, nearing the end of a 6,000-mile journey on solar-powered and electric bikes to promote discussion about clean energy and sustainable mobility.

Two bicyclists made a stop in Brenham on Sunday as they wrap up a 6,000-mile trip around the country on solar-powered and electric bikes.

Sushil Reddy and co-rider Luis Fourzan started their journey in Winston-Salem, North Carolina on August 15th as part of The SunPedal Ride.  The initiative was started by Reddy in India in 2016 as a way to encourage conversation about clean energy.



A map of the journey Sushil Reddy and Luis Fourzan have taken across the country on solar-powered and electric bikes.

Reddy, who is from Mumbai and once held the world record for the longest journey on an e-bike, says their transportation is powered roughly 50-50 by their pedaling and the solar/electric power from their bikes.  This is the fifth edition of The SunPedal Ride, and he and Fourzan say it is their longest one so far; they have logged 50-60 miles per day in a counter-clockwise ride through big cities and small towns around the country.

Fourzan, who is from Mexico, says a high point of their trip has been the public’s reception of the project.



At the end of their ride, Reddy and Fourzan will compare the data gathered from Reddy’s solar bike and Fourzan’s electric bike.  They also plan to write and share a journey experience report.

After resting in Brenham on Sunday, the two started the final stretch of their journey this (Monday) morning toward Cypress and will end in Houston on Wednesday.

Anyone interested in learning more about the initiative can visit https://thesunpedalride.com.

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