Kim Weatherby

Kim Weatherby will be leaving the Brenham School District in March.  Kim Weatherby, Director of Business and Finance, has accepted a position in another district.  Weatherby has been with the Brenham District for over 20 years, starting in November of 2001.  The school district thanked her for all she has done both as the Director of Business and Finance and her service with the Brenham ISD Education Foundation.

Brenham ISD said they will post the position of Director of Business and Finance in the next few days and said they are confident they could identify a qualified individual who will maintain the high-quality financial management standards.

Mrs. Weatherby will continue in her current role with Brenham ISD through mid-March. The position is expected to be filled before her departure to limit any disruptions the Business and Finance department.

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  1. I came to know Kim when I worked for BISD. She is truly a fantastic person who was an extremely dedicated and hark working lady!! Kim I know you will flourish wherever you will be employed. That District will be blessed to have you but as always, BISD lets the good ones get away. God’s blessings to your new adventure.

  2. So when do we look at the common denominator?teachers, paras, administrators, directors…all leaving. What is the turnover rate this year? How many have left in comparison to previous years

    1. Just wait….it will be growing exponentially by May. It’s difficult for the administrators & school board to see this sitting behind their big fancy desks, reading their big fancy reports from big fancy consultants. They need to get down on the frontline(classrooms & hallways) to see where reality begins.

      1. Let’s talk about 68 degree maximum daytime and 50 degree maximum nighttime classroom temperatures.
        This is in place on at least one campus.

    2. Well, since the last school board election, there is a majority of the same thinking. The voters get what they vote for, nothing more. And they will very likely vote using the same criteria again.

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