(L-R) Suzanne Brown, Henry Strait, Heather Tavary, Edgar Diaz-Tobar, Mario Diaz, Chris Yianitsas, and Terry Radley

Diaz Brothers Landscaping and Tree Services is giving back to the community by helping out a local fire department. The donation is in two parts.

First, Diaz Brothers Landscaping is donating their lawn maintenance and landscaping services for a full year to the Latium-Wesley-Greenvine Volunteer Fire Department, with intentions to continue their support beyond that.

Second, Diaz Brothers Landscaping has also donated their labor for the installment of five pallets of Bermuda Sod, in coordination with Thomas Turfgrass with donation of sod.

The Latium-Wesley-Greenvine Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors thanked the Diaz Brothers for their help and support during the year. The Board added that their yard is looking amazing and that they are truly thankful.

Diaz Brothers said in a statement that they are thankful for the opportunity given to them by the Fire Department for letting them showcase their work for their members, the community, friends, and sponsors.

They also said that they look forward to many more years of giving back to the community, whether it be financially, or through means of providing their labor and resources.


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  1. Thank you Diaz Brothers! I was wondering who had done the landscaping. Great job. We appreciate the hard work. It really looks nice.

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