The Brenham School Board will consider the resignation of a trustee when it meets Monday.

During executive session, the board will take up the resignation of Position 1 Trustee Mark Schneider and any attendant actions.

According to Superintendent Dr. Tylor Chaplin, Schneider, who was first elected to the board in 2015, is moving out of the district.

In regular session, trustees will hold discussion on moving forward following the unsuccessful bond measure, after a separate item canvassing the returns and declaring the results of the May 7th election.  In addition, they will potentially approve COVID-19 retention pay for custodial staff.

The board will also consider several items related to the Child Nutrition department, including possible revisions to the department’s charge and delinquent debt policies.

Also on Monday, the board will:

  • Meet in executive session to possibly approve an assistant principal at Brenham High School.
  • Elect board officers.
  • Consider the purchase of weight equipment.
  • Discuss the approval of teacher contracts.

The board will meet Monday at 6 p.m. in rooms 111 and 113 at Brenham High School.  The meeting will be livestreamed on Brenham ISD’s YouTube channel.

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  1. I think they all should go. Put people in there that is more set to take care of what they been given. Not hurting the community by taxes be what they want. They lazy. To me. Spend, spend. That’s all I see.

    1. Since you have so many helpful suggestions, why don’t you run for the board. None of them are lazy. This board is comprised of former educators, business owners and law enforcement. They are all stakeholders in the community and want what’s best for the district. It’s very easy to be an armchair quarterback because you aren’t actually in the game making the tough decisions. You can agree to disagree about the decisions that the board makes without insulting them and making unfounded personal attacks. So since you think you can do better, go file your petition to run for a seat!!

      1. You think that this individual has the credentials to even run? Heck, I bet they couldn’t tell you how much their taxes would go up monthly if the bond passed. It’s a shame that people can just speak their mind but know absolutely nothing about the ins and outs. Maybe they need to be reeducated.

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