Faith Mission and PlanNorth Architecture are hosting another year of summer interns.
(from left) Faith Mission intern Nikieria Tucker, Faith Mission Client Services Director Pam Mossbarger, Faith Mission intern Destiny Stanley, Faith Mission intern Trinity Brooks, PlanNorth intern Demarco Loadholt, Faith Mission intern Kayla Middleton, Faith Mission Medication Assistance Program Director Dalia Vela, Faith Mission Executive Director Rev. Randy Wells

Faith Mission welcomes its newest summer interns to Washington County.

Since 2009, Faith Mission has provided field practicum and real world training to over 60 students and prospective social workers from colleges and universities around the state.  The four program participants for 2022 are Trinity Brooks, Kayla Middleton, Destiny Stanley and Nikieria Tucker, all from Prairie View A&M University.

Tucker says Faith Mission’s efforts to assist disadvantaged families are what made her want to get involved with the organization.



As part of the internship, the students will gain experience in case management, administrative planning, academic enrichment, direct service with clients and youth programs.

Alongside Faith Mission, PlanNorth Architecture is hosting the second year of its own summer intern program to allow area university students to learn more about the architecture profession.  This year’s program participant is Demarco Loadholt of Prairie View A&M University, who says he wants to pair new knowledge in architecture with giving back to the community.



Katie Burch, principal architect at PlanNorth, says she and Faith Mission Executive Director Reverend Randy Wells have had the summer internships running simultaneously as they work together on a project for Mt. Rose Missionary Baptist Church.  Burch said she is excited to see what the collaboration between Faith Mission and PlanNorth can bring.

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