The Brenham Pet Adoption Center is nearly full, and Brenham Animal Services is asking the public to help provide pets with new homes.

Animal Services Manager Allison Harper says the shelter’s adoption kennels are at 74 percent capacity, and there is not much space to move animals from the area where strays are kept into the public viewing space for adoptions.

Harper says once the shelter’s population reaches a certain level, animals begin to experience health and behavior issues.



There are several ways people can assist with keeping the population low at the shelter.  Anyone who needs to surrender a pet can speak with shelter staff to find the best resolution for both the owner and the animal.  Families can also participate in the Home to Home program, which allows pets to transition from one home to another without having to come to the shelter.

Harper also says if residents see an animal wandering out in the county, it may not necessarily be a stray or have been abandoned.



The shelter’s full list of pets available for adoption can be seen at

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