The Brenham School Board will be holding a public hearing on the district budget and the proposed tax rate at their next meeting on Monday night.

The proposed budget for the 2022-2023 school year is projected at $50 million.

The proposed tax rate will be dropping from 98.84 cents to 93.46 cents per $100 valuation.

The tax rate is made up of 85.46 cents for maintenance and operations, and 8 cents for the interest and sinking rate.

After the public hearing, they are scheduled to vote on adoption of the budget and tax rate.

The Brenham School Board will also be discussing and voting on approving an order calling for a bond election.

This past Tuesday, the board heard from their bond committee suggesting that the bond measure be separated into two.

Proposition A would be $111 million for a new junior high school, while Proposition B would be for a new CTE building and a remodeling of the current CTE for $25 million.

The Proposition A Bond Election is expected to be on the ballot in November.

The Brenham School Board meets Monday at 6pm at Brenham High School.

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  1. Maybe the results of all the questions on the survey will be released to the taxpayers & public.
    Wonder what was the actual results for building the new school ( 51% for it & 49% against????)

  2. Increase the property value by 40% then lower the tax rate by 5 1/2 cents per $100. Tell the voters it’s a great deal and that they will be saving money. Do the math, not that common core math, and you’ll see how your property taxes are about to go up tremendously.

    1. Bait and switch! Oh look we gave you a gift and now you have to pay for that gift times five. It’s political math. Maybe we should really think about by raising taxes how many people will be forced out their homes. Let’s see that survey. People with a full stomachs have short memories.

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