The Schulenburg Independent School District has announced that they have placed Head Football Coach/Athletic Director Walter Brock on administrative leave.

The school district is investigating incidents that are said to have occurred during the varsity football game between Schulenburg and Hearne this past Friday.

The Shorthorns lost the game 43-23, and their record fell to 0-6 on the year.

Schulenburg Superintendent Duane Limbaugh stated that he received reports that Coach Brock acted in an unprofessional manner on the sideline during the game and outside the locker room.

Limbaugh added that he expects all employees of Schulenburg ISD to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with their position as role models in the community.

Due to confidentiality laws, the school district cannot further comment on the ongoing investigation.

Assistant coach Gilbert Price has been named as the Interim Head Coach while Brock is on administrative leave.



  1. I am not sure what the coach has “alleged” to have said in the heat of the movement and frustration. I am sorry.
    Hopefully this will be a wake up call for ALL coaches… sadly I have seen/heard a couple of Burton football coaches display an outrageous temper on the field (in the past).
    Bring a positive role model for your athletes and younger “future” athletes is important.
    I know by my own experience that living in a “glass house” is difficult.
    Think before you act.

    1. Just like you I don’t know what happened here or what was said but to say that you heard a couple coaches say some thing that you thought was aggressive or had outrageous tempers honestly is why this society is so soft. Football is a violent sport played by violent men and tempers flare, people yell and not everything out there is hugs and kisses and rainbows and unicorns with lollipops. You say be positive but you don’t know the whole story so how do you know this coach hasn’t been positive for the last five weeks and it wasn’t working. A lot of kids in the world today take kindness is weakness but as soon as you deep in that voice and bark out an order instead of ask them to do something for you I guarantee you they start respecting you and doing what they are told. Once you get them to that point you don’t have to yell. To say that they displayed outrageous tempers tells me you must be pretty soft too. Football is a hectic and emotional game so if your coaches aren’t on the sideline aggressively talking to their players, aggressively screaming to get their point across because they probably told that kid the same thing five times that game already then they aren’t passionate coaches they aren’t passionate about their jobs and I don’t want that kind of guy coaching my son. I want somebody who is going to help my son understand that life isn’t fair, the whole world isn’t nice and sooner or later after high school he’s going to bump into a lot of those people who aren’t nice, as a matter of fact they are the opposite of nice. That kid will know how to handle it, that kid will know how to handle adversity, will know how to handle difficult situations. The kid that everybody sits down and asked him “what he was feeling” and “why did he think he was feeling that way” instead of backing in the s*^! out of him and letting him know he can start acting right or got four more waiting on you. That kid is the kid screaming because he needs a safe space, that kid is the kid saying his professor is the problem because he failed the class, that kid got blue ribbons and trophies every year growing up because he was on a team, that kid is the exact problem with the world today and your what caused it. Let coaches coach that’s what they do and you can go back to handing out hugs at the YMCA.

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