Brenham ISD’s bond election next month will be this week’s topic on the Brenham ISD Roundtable on KWHI.

Superintendent Dr. Tylor Chaplin and Brenham Junior High School Principal Michael Watts will talk with KWHI tomorrow (Thursday) morning about the two propositions voters will decide on, as well as the public meeting tomorrow at 6 p.m. at the junior high school to further go over aspects of the bond measure.

The Roundtable can be heard every Thursday during the school year at 9:05 a.m. on KWHI AM 1280, FM 101.7 and



  1. We need schools that teach better education the kids now a days aren’t as well educated as students were in the past. NEW SCHOOLS WON’T FIX THIS PROBLEM . Why spend more money on buildings pay the teachers more and stricter discipline for the students if a few students act up it hurts the entire class. When I was in school if you acted up in class you got licks it really didn’t hurt but it was embarrassing and if you still acted up after that notes were sent to the parents. So I say NO to new schools until better education scores, maybe this would be an incentive that we need to get our schools back up to par.

    1. I also have some misgivings about this bond but let’s not pretend that we are ever going to return to a world in which there exists local control of academic curriculum or corporal punishment. Ignoring federal and state laws gets our local school board dissolved, lands us in expensive lawsuits, makes recruitment and retention of teachers more difficult, and distracts from the business of educating. I’d also submit to you that maintaining the Junior High is throwing good money after bad in utilities, operations, transportation, and teacher retention. It’s time to replace it, just not with the Taj Mahal that seems to be reflected by the price tag.

    2. Not too sure when you were in school, but judging by your assessment it was over 10 years ago. The face of education has changed drastically, and sadly not for the better. The ordinary classroom teacher is not only responsible for teaching their content to the students, but many times having to serve as the parent and having to teach basic manners, etiquette, and life skills that are no longer taught at home. The parents are ever increasingly absent from actually parenting from the troubled students. So the notes home do not work because they parents do not read them. Calls home do not work because parents do not answer the phone when the school calls for these students. If your vision of the present day classroom is to simply walk in and teach content while you have only 1 student to worry about being a disruption, then you are sorely mistaken. Also, each year the state holds more and more funding back from schools. So this equates to more students, less money, and hence bigger problems. I wish the classroom looks how it must when you close your eyes to picture it, but sadly it is not. For anyone who has been out of school for more than 5 or 6 years they would be shocked at the change of culture that has taken place, and it is not from lack of trying from within the school walls to correct it. But maybe, just maybe the other 16 hours these students are not in school have a great deal to do with these students not being as well educated. But I’m sure there is always a need for substitute teachers, so you could lend a helping hand in turning it around.

      P.S. Good luck with giving those “licks” and winning the Civil lawsuit because it was deemed too hard and your sued for bodily harm. Not saying the licks wouldn’t work (or be good to do) but parents tend to play defender at all cost instead of understanding their child is not learning in the process in today’s world of education.

  2. Why can’t this bond be put back till a better time? It is so insulting that the board is insisting on this. Our water, gas, and electricity has increased. I’ve been told to expect an additional 150 a month this winter. I’m looking at moving because the money will not last. All we have here is beer, barbecue and assisted living. The commissioners and school board need to be voted out.

    1. Where are you moving Washington County has some of the cheapest school taxes. So if you can find something better you might want to share.

  3. I’m struggling to afford to have food and house while working tirelessly. What makes you think I can afford this? Why can’t we look into repairs, like we are doing to the Chappell Hill water tower which is just as old? Repairing anything is cheaper than new & everyone knows that.

    1. If you are struggling in Washington County you might want to move out to a more blue county. Washington County has some of the lowest school taxes in Texas so if you can’t afford to live here. Maybe you should look for a better job by pulling up your bootstraps.

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