Brenham ISD successful implementation of the Parent Square software has prompted a case study from the manufacturer.   Brooke Trahan, the District’s Communications Coordinator, said before, she had to use School Messenger, email, phone, social media, and the website to communicate with parents, all with little or no oversight.  Now with Parent Square, she is sure to parents get the word, as it is much better than a note in a backpack.

Trahan related what happen recently with a power outage at Krause Elementary School.  The Principal of the school was able to use her phone with Parent Square to alert parents to the situation. Another advantage of using Parent Square is the automatic translation of messages.  With over 50 percent of the population being Spanish speaking, that is important to have.

The Full Case Study:


  1. I can’t even get my child’s attendance excused after submitting notes through Parent Square! IT IS RIDICULOUS! Even after I have called the High School several times and asked when his attendance will be fixed because I have submitted excuse letters through PARENT SQUARE every time……was told that they are very behind getting absences updated…yet I only have 2 days to submit an excuse note………still nothing. Some of the absences are from September. Never had this problem when we utilized good old pen and paper…….NOT A FAN OF PARENT SQUARE!!!!!!!!!

    1. All attendance updates are behind at HS because the attendance clerk had to take leave for medical issues. I had to contact the school for the same reason and they were able to see all of my notes in Parent Square and confirm on the spot instead of trying to see if they could track down a paper letter. They transferred me to central office to speak with Ms. Trahan who was very helpful & could see all of the documentation of file in the program. I love how easy it is the message teacher and get important information in Parent Square. I believe they already have someone helping to get attendance updated and reflected in the Parent Portal System.

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