Washington County Clerk Beth Rothermel shared details of her office’s year-end report for 2022 during Tuesday’s county commissioners meeting.

Washington County Clerk Beth Rothermel presents
her office's 2022 annual report to county
commissioners at their meeting Tuesday.

Reviewing annual statistics, Rothermel said the county recorded 325 births last year, down from 336 births in 2021.  Recorded deaths were also down, however, as the county reported 312 deaths in 2022 compared to 373 the year prior.

The highest number of logged births and deaths, according to Rothermel’s records that date back to 1995, were 507 births in 2008 and 2021’s 373 deaths.

There were 249 marriage licenses sold last year, above the 217 licenses in 2021 and the most since 2017 when 254 licenses were sold.  A total of 9,353 official public records were filed, up slightly from 2021’s number of 9,341, but the new highest amount since 1995, which saw 10,222 official records filed.

Rothermel said her office collected $977,230 in 2022, including $552,199 in general fees, $66,270 in probate fees, $320,019 in criminal fees and $38,742 in civil fees. 

While 2022’s totals are below the record $1,002,134 collected in 2021, Rothermel said the county will keep a larger portion of what was brought in last year and pay less of it to the state.  She said the county will keep 91 percent and send the remaining 9 percent to the state, versus 2021’s margin of 87 percent kept and 13 percent paid to the state. 

According to the data in Rothermel’s report, this is the first time since 1998 that the county clerk’s office was able to keep 90 percent or more of its yearly collections.

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