Bluebonnet Electric Cooperative members in Washington County will experience a power outage next Tuesday, May 23, as crews complete an upgrade to electric distribution lines.

The purpose of the upgrade is to increase the voltage carried through the power lines, which Bluebonnet says is needed to continue to reliably serve the growing demand for electricity in the area.

The outage will occur from 9am to noon, and will affect about 650 homes and businesses.  The area of the outage involves the following roads:

FM 2780, FM 1697, Engelbrecht Rd., Wildflower Rd., Christian Cemetery Rd., Hancock Ln., FM 1948, Post Oak Rd., Outback Ln., Fischer Rd., Rehburg, Rd., FM 1948 W, Colvin Rd., Edgewater Ln., Somerville Terrace, Weber Ln., FM 594, Ben Tap Ln., Stevens Rd., Harge Rd., Eberhardt Rd., Schulenberg Ln., Mallard Rd., Roberts Rd., Iron Bridge Rd., Wilhelm Ln., Pheasant Ln., Cheri Ln., Drake Rd., Deep Water Blvd., Longpoint Rd., Natalie Ln., Rocky Creek Park Rd., Friendship Circle, Coon Rd., Dorothy Ln., Joyce Circle, Caneople Ln., White Cap Ln., Malkey Ln., Rabbit Rd., Bates Ln., Bredthauer Rd., Flagpond Ln. and Faist Rd.

Bluebonnet General Manager Matt Bentke said that they will have more than 100 employees and contractors, along with about 75 vehicles in the area working to complete the conversion with as little impact on their members as possible.

Bentke added that that they will take every precaution possible to make the jobs safe, and ask that residents in the work areas be cautious and aware of the crews.

Bluebonnet has contacted every member who will be affected by the outage to inform them of the day and period of time they will be without power.  They are planning to call them again on Monday, May 22, for a reminder.

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  1. Tues, May 22nd: Bluebonnet DID NOT send out the notifications nor call yesterday as a reminder. I’ve spoken with five separate neighbors on FM2780 this morning once the power outage began and none of them received any type of notification. This is unacceptable by Bluebonnet Electric!!!

    1. We received one, but the power stayed on. My Mom received one, and hers went out.
      Also, it was on KWHI a few days ago with the road names.
      3 hour off time is not that bad, considering the work they had to do, I’m sure.

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