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A Los Angeles based company has received approval from the Somerville City Council for plans to build a solar panel manufacturing facility.

RenAlt USA presented the council with a master plan for the facility and a development plan for the first phase of their project.

The company is looking to build their facility on a 95-acre property in the southeast corner of Low Wood Road and Switchback Road. 

According to the Burleson County Tribune, company officials expect the first phase to bring in 150-250 new jobs. 

Construction is expected to begin this summer, and be operational in 12-14 months.

The drawing for the first phase shows a 200,000 square foot, single-level facility for manufacturing and solar panel assembly.

Consultants also briefed the council regarding on-site water improvements, a lift station at the site, construction of a detention pond, plus they are also working with ATMOS Energy and Entergy on natural gas and electrical services.

The Tribune said that according to a city memo the development is contingent on the purchase of the property. One thing in RenAlt’s favor is that the property is already zoned for industrial, so there would be no need to re-zone.     

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  1. People of Somerville you are being blinded by false information about the sun. This land will be environmentally ruined for centuries. Look it up do your research. If you were concerned about the railroad tie plant you better wake up about this solar farm. The land cannot be used for farming or development for sixty years after the solar use is abated. What about water runoff and drainage. Lake Somerville is a water supply for Brenham and farming. This project needs a legal injunction ASAP. More studies must be completed before the deadly trigger is pulled. I am just a professional farmer.

  2. wake up chuck oil and gas will never be phased out we need it in order to make the raw materials to make all this so called green products don’t let the government try to fool you into thinking otherwise

  3. They’ll be using their own products to power their operations of course. Right?

  4. As oil and gas is phased out it will be interesting to watch these types of facilities pop up and take hold. I’m all for it and am excited for what the future has in store. Cheers to progress and innovation.

    1. Hey Chuck
      Let me give you a nickel to discuss this with Lucy. Your solar farms increase global warming. Panels are manufactured oversees since byproducts from manufacturing panels are an environmental hazard that Americans can’t afford to legally dispose of. But not to worry, I’m sure the country doing the manufacturing is keeping our oceans safe; yea sure. And I am sure the manufacturing country will take them back after they are worthless in 15-20 years; since it will only take 500 years for a panel to start to deteriorate. Please Lucy, do your best and save Chuck.

  5. Green card VISA workers and hiring illegals seems to be the trend today cheap labor is the reason. We have a history of not paying a living wage to the citizens of the U SA. This is not going to help or support the locals just an eye sore and more potential health issues. We have to many sell outs because money has zero courage.

  6. Not going to like that. I worked on these installations. From what I seen, they way to Expensive, they don’t pull the power they should. Plus the eye sore it causes. They had over 450 employees where I was and the trash is unbelievable. Most green card employees or illegal immigrants they hire. So good luck with this. Hope it does y’all well. Watch the acid from the thousands of batteries they have.

    1. I’m with you. Doesn’t anyone think about the batteries? Disappointed in the leadership of Somerville. There will be better offers that will come along. So glad I didn’t move there.

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