Justin Orlando Daniels
Washington Co. Jail photo

A Brenham man was arrested Monday on Multiple Charges.

Brenham Police report that Monday evening at 5:50, Officers responded to a criminal trespass complaint in the 200 block of Highway 290 West. Upon arrival, they located the subject, Justin Orlando Daniels, 33 of Brenham, reported by the business to have entered their premises once he was previously issued a criminal trespass warning to not enter due to previous thefts. Daniels was intoxicated and discovered to have stolen from the premises again. Daniels was placed under arrest for Theft of Property between $100 and $750, Criminal Trespass, and Public Intoxication.

One Comment

  1. I truly and honestly feel that someone else is responsible for taking this young to this store repeatedly to steal for them with trade of a drink, which is wrong because I know of this guy and he causes no harm to anyone and will help you if you need help and he doesn’t ask anyone for anything and this is wrong and solely fault his parent, not parents but parent. He needs help, he needs shelter, he needs food and most of all he needs love! That’s why when I see him I’m always giving him $5/$10 here and there and telling him to do whatever he wants to with and to be careful out here and don’t get into any trouble. My heart emphasizes that he has to be out here living like this…

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