The City of Brenham has announced the closing of four softball fields at Hohlt Park so they can get a makeover.

TGS Sports has begun converting four softball infields at the facility from grass to turf.

The fields being closed are Schwartz, Van Dyke, Clayton, and Stark.

Public Works Director Dane Rau said that they feel the conversion will be a huge asset for the City of Brenham, and provide a reliable playing surface for local leagues, weekend tournaments, and practices.

The project is expected to be completed in early February 2024. 


  1. Thank you City of Brenham for the much needed upgrades. This will in fact attract more teams/people to our area. Definitely money WELL SPENT!!!

  2. What is the cost benefit on turf vs real grass?
    simply the – Costs of? and Benefits of?
    TURF: what is cost of initial turf per square foot , Maintenance of turf, longevity of turf – replace after x years, playability of turf, safety of sliding, catching, stopping etc for little players and big people, playability after rains, is turf on infield and outfield, service, maintenance or replacement issues taken care of by city or a fixed contract with outside vendor to keep functional-cost?
    GRASS: Maintenance of grass – the obvious – fertilizer, mowing, patching etc., rain and drying downtimes, playability and safety.
    How much money to put turf on each field and via BCDC fund? City money funds, County money funds?
    Can City provide: Breakdown of annual $ spent on baseball/softball fields, on $ spent on soccer fields, and $ spent at other family parks throughout the city.
    When and what has been spent and done to the skatepark area at firemans park – appears wood water soaked – not much or any use lately. It has been very well used with all ages sharing the space. The summer saw city cut hours at the very popular splash pad at Henderson park – it triggers when child is on pad -doesn’t run constantly. These two locations are a great asset for our parks serving kids – make them the best and available for use – not just a looks good on city pamphlet!
    REALIZE that city looks at making money at a particular park – softball and baseball fields host hundreds of tournaments run by and for OUT OF CITY – OUT OF COUNTY clubs and teams – majority from the Houston area. Soccer holds some tournaments as well. The literally hundreds of tournaments bring hotel use – exception Houston is so close many go home – also overuses fields causing more damages and restoring.
    BUT the parks and recreational areas of a city should foremost and primarily be for the enjoyment, availability and use of the local population – from the very young, teens, young adults and older adults. The locals pay taxes and live here to make the city what it is – a desireable place to work, live, relax, play, etc. Stop looking at the parks as how much can we make off outside venues – and how you can it serve the residents of the city and county.

  3. That’s all we need is more fake stuff. Fake grass really more waste of our money from people who claim to have your best interest but in reality it’s cutting jobs and some third party contractors over charging us. Its so true money has no conscience. Nothing is better than Gods green grass.

    1. Steve you obviously do not have to play on these fields! The batters boxes are terrible sink holes as well as the area around the pitching rubber! It’s not taking away jobs it’s allowing the parks Dept to focus on other issues that need attention.

    2. Turf grass grows here but is not native to Texas, requires human installation and human intervention using artificial soil amendments, herbicides, and insecticides to keep it free of God’s green weeds and God’s red ants.

      I can’t say whether one plan or another makes more fiscal sense, but I know for sure that you can’t play ball very well on God’s unspoiled native prairies.

    3. They’re putting turf over infield dirt. And there’s still plenty of grass at the complex that will require the same number of maintenance people.

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