Saul Nogueda Silva (Fayette Co. Jail)

A traffic stop in Fayette County on Wednesday led to the arrest of a Wichita, Kansas man for Felony Possession of Marijuana.

Fayette County Sheriff Keith Korenek reports that Drug Interdiction Investigator David Smith made a traffic stop at 12:30pm on a 2018 GMC Acadia on I-10 Westbound at Mile Marker 661 near Flatonia.

After making contact with the driver, 31-year-old Saul Nogueda Silva, Investigator Smith said that he observed many criminal indicators.

Smith asked for consent to search the vehicle, but Silva refused, so Smith requested a canine unit for assistance.

Guadalupe County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Dustin Crawford arrived on the scene and deployed his Canine “Eddie.” Eddie immediately alerted the officers to the presence of narcotics in the vehicle.

(courtesy Fayette Co. Sheriff's Office)

Silva finally admitted to Smith that he was delivering marijuana to an unknown location in San Antonio. 

A probable cause search was conducted, and a black trash bag was located in the rear cargo area of the SUV. 

The trash bag contained 20 sealed bundles of high grade hydro marijuana.

Silva was arrested and transported to the Dan R. Beck Justice Center in La Grange.

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  1. I see this person knows his FOURTH AMENDMENT RIGHTS.
    He had a drug dog alert on his vehicle, therefore giving law enforcement the right to conduct the search.
    Maybe I’m missing something, but I seldom if ever hear of a drug dog being utilized here with all the marijuana busts. Yet it appears anyone of color getting stopped always has their vehicle searched.
    Educate me Brenham, as to how all those stops do not violate the Fourth Amendment.

    1. Probable cause. As the Supreme Court said in 2005: “A dog sniff conducted during a concededly lawful traffic stop that reveals no information other than the location of a substance that no individual has any right to possess does not violate the Fourth Amendment.”

      What do you have against law enforcement doing their jobs and enforcing the law? Why are you so passionate about criminals getting away with committing crime?

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