Will Hefferly

Will Hefferly won the 68th annual Washington County Spelling Bee Thursday night. He out-spelled 26 other top spellers from 9 schools.  Will is a 6th grade student at Brenham Middle School and the son of Andrew and Abigail Hefferly. 

This year had a first for the spelling bee.  There was a 3-way tie for 3rd place, with all three going out in the 11th round: Christopher Lewis, a 4th grader at Alton Elementary School; Aubrey Morrison, an 8th grader at Brenham Junior High School; and Garrett Shelton, a 5th grader at First Baptist Church School.

That set up the finish when the second-place contestant Halston Hynes, a 6th grade student at First Baptist Church School, misspelled incense.  Will Hefferly went on to spell magistrates and communing correctly in the 13th round to win the spelling bee.

Hefferly will now go on to represent Washington County at the spelling bee in Missouri City on Saturday, March 23rd.

KWHI has sponsored the spelling bee since its inception in 1955 and provides cash prizes for the finalists each year.

Spelling Bee Winners (L to R) 2nd place Halston Hynes, tie for 3rd Garret Shelton, 1st place Will Hefferly, tie for 3rd Christopher Lewis, and tie for 3rd Aubrey Morrison.
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