Halle Scheel (Mark Whitehead)

Head Coach Daniel Zika and the members of the Brenham Cubette Basketball Team were hoping that the third time would be the charm against the Magnolia Lady Bulldogs.

Unfortunately, it wasn't meant to be as Magnolia handed the Cubettes a heartbreaking 46-44 loss in their "play-in" game at Navasota High School on Friday night.

Brenham came out strong and took a 13-10 lead in the first quarter. However, Magnolia battled back and outscored the Cubettes 12-7 in the second quarter to take a 22-20 lead into the locker room at halftime.

Jayde Powell (Mark Whitehead)

The Lady Bulldogs had a big third quarter scoring 16 points to just ten points for Brenham. This gave Magnolia a 38-30 lead going into the fourth quarter.

The Cubettes battled back and tied it at one point. They actually outscored the Lady Bulldogs 14-8 in the final eight minutes of play. However, Magnolia held on at the end to win it.

There were some questionable officiating calls that did factor into the game. Three of Brenham's five starters Antyiahna Lang, Jayde Powell, and Halle Scheel all fouled out.

Lang led the Cubettes in scoring with 14 points, while Scheel had 11 points.

Brenham finishes the season with a record of 19-18.

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  1. There were a LOT of questionable calls and most were against the Cubettes. One referee blew his whistle 3X more than the other two! He must have been the minority “influencer” sent by the Booster Club to taint what would have been a fair and equitable match. The refs played a good game and they prevailed in the end. When was the last time three starters all foul out in the same game? One of the starters WAS NEVER in foul trouble for 36 straight games and then FOULS OUT in the 37th (play-in) game. It is sad when the refs allow themselves to become pawns by over zealous “boosters” and corrupt their calls to benefit one side of a HS basketball game. Some folk have no shame! Brenham was plagued by bad officiating all season long! This is obvious to a blind man. And another point of concern, all referees should be fit enough to ACTUALLY run up and down the court! Unless they have x-ray vision. There should be an age restriction, vision and cognitive testing so that influencers cannot influence a high school basketball game! We will see enough of that kind of thing during the Vegas money maker on Sunday!

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