KWHI is asking for feedback regarding a possible programming change.

Dan Bongino

A poll is available on the website for listeners to vote on whether they would like to keep The Dan Bongino Show on KWHI.

The Dan Bongino Show airs from the 1 – 4 p.m. timeslot on weekdays.  KWHI has carried the conservative news talk program since June 2021, after formerly carrying the Rush Limbaugh show.

Audience members are asked if they still want to hear The Dan Bongino Show, or if they would rather listen to country music on The Legend.

The poll will be up on KWHI’s website through Friday afternoon.  It can be found near the bottom of the webpage, above the logo linking to the website for our sister station, KTEX-106.

(Note: Comments are welcome and will be considered, but please include them in addition to voting in the poll, rather than instead of voting in the poll.)

What’s your Reaction?


  1. I listen to KWHI every day until Bongino comes on, then I change stations until he is off the air. I used to listen to him, but I find his comments to not be constructive- just insulting. We conservatives may agree with him, but his method of presentation is not going to convince liberals to see things differently. His program is not going to have any positive or improving results. I suggest taking him off the air and let his followers listen to his podcast.

  2. Why would a Bank want to defund Dan? Keep Dan lose the banker. Dan’s the only reason I have the station pre set on my radio.

    1. The “banker” passed away last year and the bank was bought out. They did not “defund” they simply lost the funding under those circumstances.

  3. Keep Dan on KWHI. He is very informative on matters concerning politics. He knows how to separate truth from fake news.

  4. I was listening to him this morning when he mentioned this. I had no idea it was KWHI.

    I say KEEP HIM. The American alphabet media is acting as water boys for the Left as is evidenced by all the stories they DON’T cover. Too many times I’ve had to go to the international press (AFP, Daily Mail, etc) to get stories about the USA.

  5. YES keep Bongino on! I know a lot of people here who enjoy listening to Him. Very Intelligent Man with common sense. We love to hear the Truth about USA politics. We r sick of the mainstream media who brainwash liberals. AMERICA FIRST not last! MAGA! ✝️🇺🇸

  6. Dan is not news, rather opinion. Too many are under the false pretense that what he says is factual. He stirs up rage on the right on purpose as other talking heads on the left do. It is time for both sides too rid ourselves of people like this.

  7. PLEASE get rid of that talking head! All he does is try to foment trouble. I would much rather listen to good music.

  8. Please keep the conservative talk show. Our country needs conservative representation in a world where Lib!ar?$ seem to brainwash people. Sadly many don’t realize they are being manipulated by the media.


  9. Do NOT take Bongino off the air! It is strange that his numbers are WAY up and you’re asking if we want him on the air?

  10. PLEASE keep Bongino on KWHI. I work in construction and me and my coworkers listen to Bongino everyday
    on our work site and love it. Bongino make us think and my coworkers engaged. We actually have
    conversations about what we hear and it allows us to hear other opinions. We would never have the opportunity
    to do this without if we were just listening to music. KEEP BONGINO!

  11. Horrible idea to even consider dropping the Dan Bongino show. One of the few sources of real information in this upside down, alternate universe we are witnessing.

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