The Brenham Planning and Zoning Commission will hear one request during its meeting on Monday.

Property on Walnut Hill Drive, where an accessory
dwelling unit is proposed.
(courtesy City of Brenham)

The item comes from Lauren Marek and Carra Sykes, who are seeking a specific use permit to allow an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on their single-family residentially zoned property in the 500 block of Walnut Hill Drive.

The proposed ADU would be a 660-square-foot structure located on the northeast corner of the property.  It would be built with one bedroom and one bathroom, and is intended to be used for studio space and as a guest house.

City staff recommends approval of the item.

The commission will meet Monday at 5:15 p.m. at Brenham City Hall.

Click here to view the agenda packet for Monday's meeting.

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  1. Maybe this person doesn’t understand the role of municipalities, their leaders, their staff, or how municipal planning works in this jurisdiction. That’s perfectly normal and it doesn’t mean that they’re holding a grudge against a city staffer or being willfully ignorant, even if they’re venting frustration.

    All you have to do to hear their valid complaint is to read between the lines. They are unhappy that ADUs are allowed where duplexes aren’t because they’re the same thing just without a common wall. If we don’t like duplexes in certain neighborhoods for some reason which is thought to be a good reason, why would we then allow something just like it? Maybe the reasons aren’t actually that good, or maybe I’m wrong and it has to do with fire safety and that common wall. Maybe we haven’t thought it through very well. Maybe duplexes should also be allowed. Maybe neither should be allowed. Maybe the best answer is sometimes. We can have a reasonable discussion about that.

    No ordinary citizen is going to understand how all of this works. Cut people some slack. Instead of being dismissive, show them the benefit of the doubt. If one person has these concerns then so do others. If you think you have all the answers or constructive and well-informed opinions, please share them.

  2. Brenham Mayor shutdown planners request to put a duplex next to your home in your neighborhood. Now instead Planner is allowing more than one dwelling on the lot next to your home in your neighborhood. This is still two dwellings on one lot in your neighborhood. This is no different than transient renters in a duplex on one lot and also produces more traffic and more street parking. This needs to stop. Mayor do your job.

    1. The planner isn’t allowing anything. They are presenting a case to a board for them to decide. They might make a recommendation but that’s all it is a recommendation. You must have an issue with the staff member or really don’t want to know how things really work.

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