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  1. I really love how everyone comes on this forum and hides behind a profile name.
    If your opinions are so strong- write your name down.
    Be in the stands to cheer our teams on. Ask how you can help.
    Our kids work extremely hard. I know mine does. And after 14 years of baseball, he will play his last high school game this Friday.
    I think he is a very talented player- and NOT entitled. He has worked hard for every single inning he has played. He waited his turn following talented upperclassmen and kept working. Our underclassmen have stepped in to spots due to a small senior class and are having to play against teams that are fielding a majority of seniors with experience. Some schools in our district have enrollments of greater than 2200 kids- approximately 700 more than our current enrollment. This team has grown together as a family on and off the field. I am very impressed by their resilience despite a community that is “whispering” behind their backs. Ultimately, All Brenham teams need our support in good times and in bad- instead of our blame. Thank you to our coaches, parents and those in this community who stood beside our players all season. They appreciate it more than you know. There are so many lessons to be learned here- not just for our players but for the ADULTS in this community as well. If you have any comments concerning this- I’LL BE AT THE GAME.

  2. The current district alignment for baseball is competitive for baseball but it’s not that special. Only A&M Consolidated is currently ranked in the top 10 and they come in at #10. District 26-5A has #3 – Boerne Champion & #11 – Smithson Valley. District 25-5A has #4 – Liberty Hill & #5 – Cedar Park & #7 – Leander Rouse. Those two district have to face each other in the first round of the playoffs. That’s 5 of the top 11 teams in the state in one bi-district.

    I hear lots of excuses but the reality is that local politics, entitlement, and bad administration have run off the best teachers and coaches from Brenham and it’s no longer the community that it used to be. Brenham’s best days are behind it but that is a choice that was made.

    1. All of those teams were eliminated by the 2nd round last year and will be the same case this year. HS baseball rankings are irrelevant. Ask the defending state champs how tough the district is.

      Entitlement huh? Like people think they are entitled to come on here and spew stupidity without even having to sign their name to it. You are right, a lot of entitlement around here.

      A choice made by who? Dr Jackson? He seems to be doing just fine for making so many bad choices.

      1. Boerne Champion, Smithson Valley, Cedar Park, and Rouse all made it to at least the 3rd round last year. Rouse and Champion played each other in the 5th round. You won’t find a tougher bi-district in 5A than 25 & 26. Facts sure are tricky when they get in the way of feelings.

  3. How about stop trying to make mommas and daddies in this town who have “a name” happy by playing their children at the Varsity level and actually put together teams with young, talented athletes? Correct me if I am wrong, but doesn’t the sophomore team have the same facilities as Varsity? They were 12-0. Didn’t see any “name” children on that team, though, so maybe that’s the problem here. Always has been in Brenham!

    1. That’s why the former head coach is gone. He didn’t bend over backwards to appease the “important people” in town so they ran him out.

    2. The level of competition is way different on the Varsity and Sophomore levels. Yes there may be some good players on that team but the better players for the other teams do have Sophomores on varsity also. Talent knows no age, if you are good you are good.

  4. feel free to continue sharing your opinions.

    Fact, Statistics show facilities and resources matter. Fact, last year was the first year under this alignment.
    An opinion of my own, love Lanny Williams. As for the facts, look at alignment during that time, as well as how many college commits were on those teams. When the current alignment was released, coaches across the state of Texas (I will assume including coach Williams) were baffled by schools put in our district. There’s not another one like it in 5A. If you do your research and find I’m wrong, please do let me know. I have payed attention to the details for years and am just sharing some things I find interesting. Another fact, Magnolia West baseball (last years state champs) with multiple D1 commits are about to miss the playoffs in our district. As well as other quality teams. Same kind of situation for softball.
    If people continue on with the mindset you are expressing here, then yes, teachers and coaches will continue to be frustrated and leave.

    1. Stop acting like Baseball and Softball are the only sports at Brenham High School. The District Brenham is in is the same for Basketball Volleyball Track and Soccer. Nobody else is complaing. I’m sure the boys and girls that play baseball and softball are good players and are putting in the hard work. The bottom line is these other schools have caught up and passed Brenham in just about all sports. Brenham will not win District in any sport this year and the Football team and Boys Basketball needed 4th seeds just to make the playoffs and both were elimanated in the first round. Only the Volleyball team had a higher finish and advanced past the first round. My point is we don’t have the Athletes like we use to and all these other districts have passed us in talent.

      1. Just to clarify… I personally am not specifically talking about baseball and softball… I am addressing Brenham athletics as a whole. And the fact that people get on here and make uninformed comments that spread negativity instead of looking at the facts and considering solutions. Which it seems you agree with. We are currently in an uphill battle in our district when it comes to sports. (Not so much football, their alignment is different). I do believe in time the playing field will level out again. These schools are continuing to grow and will move up to 6A eventually. Brenham is not growing rapidly… there are many reason for this… not all pertaining to the school district. One thing I know won’t fix it are negative attitudes and people bantering.

  5. County resident – you sound like a disgruntled little league coach that didn’t get picked to coach the all-star team. These boys are working hard every single day and the coaches are making tough decisions knowing the competition they face every week.
    Fun fact – Magnolia baseball had over 150 FRESHMAN try out for baseball this year. We don’t have half that many boys total in our program…. if you haven’t noticed, there are only 4 total seniors.
    Walk the halls of BHS and you will see the population is not booming w/ star athletes. The ones we do have are working and trying to get better and win a few ball games so that community members and alumni don’t act like the world is going to end.
    Go Cubs!!

  6. hard to watch the worst season in Brenham baseball history. just shows our youth programs around Brenham aren’t working and just wasting parents money.

    1. I will agree with you that this season has been extremely difficult to watch however let me assure you that it has nothing to do with the youth programs around Brenham. The root of the problem lies much deeper.

    2. I’ve already commented on the district track meet article, but think this is relevant again here.
      I don’t feel we can point a finger at any one thing like youth programs. It’s important to understand that these kids are playing talented teams every week that have way more kids and resources. Take a look at growth/enrollment/facilities etc. Families(and athletes) are moving into those areas rapidly. Not here! Not like it used to be. I do feel like people are working very hard to make brenham great again. But as long as we are competing against what we are currently competing against… don’t expect to be successful every single year. Heck, every 3 years!! We have some talented kids here in Brenham. Be patient.

      1. Brenham track results have nothing to do with lack of facilities. We’ve had the same facilities for decades. BHS won district titles probably 80% or more of the time that Jerry Newman was head coach. Just 2 years ago, they sent a large group to state that did very well. The year after he retired, not a single athlete qualified for Regionals. That has never happened in the history of BHS!

        As for baseball, a few years ago, some parents were upset about their kids being held accountable for bad behavior and unhappy with their kid’s playing time, did everything in their power to get rid of Lanny Williams. He never had a season like this under his watch.

        The same thing is happening in the schools. No effort is made to keep good coaches and good educators. The school board and admin keep patting themselves on the back while the ship sinks under their watch. Maybe the new superintendent will do something better, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

        1. Brenham finished 5th at State on 1976 and won State in 1977 in Boys track. The Girls won State in 1988 and finished State Runner Ups in 86 87 and 89. They didn’t have a high school track to work out on. They had to share a travk with Blinn. What they had back then is not what these kids have today and that is a strong desire to work hard and be drterined to win.

    3. Wept put!!,,And every body gets a ring! No one can except maybe we got out played, need to practice more etc… Bad parenting.

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