The Blinn College District will offer three online Czech language courses this fall.

Beginning Czech I and Intermediate Czech I will run Aug. 21 through Dec. 11. Classes are Monday through Thursday, with Beginning Czech I from 7:45-8:50 a.m. and Intermediate Czech I from 8:55-9:40 a.m. These courses offer both credit and non-credit options and class recordings will be available for flexible viewing.

Advanced Czech is a non-credit course held Tuesdays from 7:00-8:45 p.m. Sept. 10 through Nov. 5.

Textbooks are required for all three courses. Students seeking to earn credit or dual credit in the Beginning and Intermediate Czech courses may be eligible for scholarships. Students taking a course for credit must apply for admission to Blinn.

Thadious Polasek, president of the Czech Ex-Students Association of Texas and a seasoned instructor with more than 35 years of experience teaching Czech at all levels, will teach each course. Blinn is one of only two higher education institutions in Texas that offer Czech language classes for college credit and continuing education.

The Blinn College-Schulenburg Campus also offers Czech language dual credit to high school students. High school students can take courses through Blinn’s Dual Credit Program, which allows students to earn credits toward a college degree while satisfying requirements for high school graduation. For more information, contact Shannon Williford at or 979-209-8218.

(Story courtesy Blinn Information)

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  1. These classes would be a great addition to BISD’s dual credit courses for foreign language! Please share this information with your high school and/or college student to take advantage of this opportunity. The CESAT (Czech Ex-Student Assoc. of Texas) organization is offering scholarships for dual credit students. For scholarship information contact Mr. Polasek:

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