Guest: Chase Krzenski - D-Day

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  1. Thank you, Chase for sharing that letter from your grandfather. I got very emotional when you were reading those tender words to your grandmother. What a wonderful treasure for your family.

    1. Thank you for taking a moment to post your thoughts. I am pleased to know that this was a treasure to so many others. I can only imagine that this letter had been forgotten not to soon after the war and was read again for the first time in almost 80 years. I hope the innocence of there love and the devotion to the country that would provide for generations to come rang through any tears that fell.

  2. Thanks to my cousin Chase for bringing this wonderful letter to light. Mamaw and Papa’s love is wonderful to witness, not to mention the window into what folks were feeling and experiencing as this momentous occasion happened!
    Frank and Ann’s legacy and love lives in us all, and the freedoms we have the privilege to enjoy.

    1. Thank you Megan! We should all thank Mamaw’s keen ability to document and catalog everything that was important to her. Also, we should thank your grandmother’s willingness to delve into the heart of her father when she searched through the shoe box her mother left in her charge. WWII brought the world together and the values bestowed upon us should never be forgotten.

  3. Thank you Chace for the VFW info and especially for the D-Day presentation. The whole family loved it. We all enjoyed hearing the letter Papaw wrote to Mamaw and learning a little more of what both of them experienced during those times. They were a beautiful couple! So happy to be part of their family Grateful for his service and yes..thankful he made it home to Mamaw and Tim. Glad also that all his brothers served and came home safely. Thank you again for sharing all of this so graciously!
    Love, Mom

    1. Mom, thank you for the compliment and the sentiments. There are so many folks that have connected with this story. The WWII generation will always be second to none.

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