Fewer Texans are applying for federal permission to purchase firearms. 

The number is down by 20%, but some gun shop owners report an increase of 10 to 15% from last year. Some believe the spike in gun applications is fear that the Obama administration would crack down on gun ownership. 

Also fueling the increase were tragic events like the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting that made people think twice about their own safety 

Between January and August of 2013, 1.1 million Texans submitted gun request to the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and Explosives. Between January and August of this year, that number fell to 910,000. 

Now that things have calmed down a bit in Washington, Alice Tripp, with the Texas State Rifle Association says she isn’t surprised gun sales have called down too. She says that the concern has relaxed because various types of firearms are still being made, and no one has tried to take them away. 

Background checks are still being done, including a criminal background check, commitment to a mental institution, and dishonorable discharge from the military.


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