As the 152nd Washington County Fair ramps up this weekend, active cases of COVID-19 in the county are up slightly from a week ago.

Officials with the Washington County Joint Information Center (JIC) report that, as of today (Friday), the county has 592 positive cases, 40 active cases, 505 recoveries, and 47 deaths.  The number of active cases and fatalities both increased by two from last Friday, while the positive case total increased by 17, and the number of recoveries by 15.

Active case numbers were actually down from last Friday for a majority of the week, according to the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS).  Figures from DSHS show the county had as few as 31 estimated active cases as of Tuesday, before increasing to 40 on Thursday.  As of Thursday, according to DSHS, the county has performed a cumulative total of 4,771 COVID-19 tests.

Washington County Health Authority Dr. William Loesch said he is grateful for the continued decline in COVID-19 cases over the last few weeks, adding there has not yet been a significant uptick in cases with the opening of schools.  He cautioned that the case count could quickly rebound if the public lets its guard down, and urged everyone to “stay on their toes” by continuing to practice social distancing, wear face masks, and stay safe.

County Judge John Durrenberger said Washington County Fair officials have implemented additional safety protocols to keep participants safe, but community members “must remain diligent in their actions to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus”.

Brenham Mayor Milton Tate said the public has acted responsibly during the pandemic, and encouraged citizens to keep their guard up as they begin gathering at face-to-face events and activities.

As gatherings occur in and around Washington County, JIC officials remind the public to continue following the state’s executive order to wear masks in public, and to follow the hygiene and social distancing guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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  1. Who cares. Let us live our lives the way we choose to. If a person wants to wear a mask, fine. They should feel “safe” and “protected” and not worry about others. Stop pushing the control agenda.

    1. Just for clarification, I would ask that you specify to whom you refer when you say there is “propaganda” –the JIC, the DSHS, Dr. Loesch, Judge Durrenberger, Mayor Tate, the CDC, or KWHI. I don’t see that any of the aforementioned have it in their interest for people to become infected with the virus, nor do I think they are relating false information or trying to control you for their benefit. The sad thing about this health crisis is that, unlike AIDS or STDs, where you CAN avoid physical contact with an infected individual if you choose and not contract the disease, a carrier may exhibit no symptoms and outwardly appear to be virus free. At present, the best defenses that are known are face masks (properly worn), appropriate social distancing, and increased personal hygiene. What benefits one will, in this case, benefit all.

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