Brenham’s Airport Advisory Board met for the first time Tuesday since November of last year.  In their first order of business, they reelected John Hodde as Chairman and Mark Whitehead as Vice-Chairman of the board. A large part of their discussion was the repair of the hump/bump on the north end of the runway.  TxDOT, who is funding 90% of the $706,000 project, was to have completed it during the slower winter months.  They ran into delays on the project and then the covid-19 pandemic hit.  The project is now scheduled to be completed this summer, before the TxDOT funding expires in August.  Board members objected to closing the runway during the summer for the repairs, especially since the pandemic will be ending and people will want to travel again.  City staff will be meeting with TxDOT on May 29th and will request that the project be delayed until the colder months.

In other action, the board approved the location for construction of a 70x100 foot hanger for Dianna Stanger.  The hanger will be built in an area on the north end that was originally designed for two 60x60 hangers.  The board emphasized that the drainage problems at the north end hangers would need to be resolved before construction begins on the new hanger.

The board also voted to table the revisions of the Minimum Standards document for the airport pending further review.

The next meeting of the Airport Advisory Board is scheduled for June 23rd.

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