Classes at Brenham schools will have an unusual way of ending at the close of this school year…..and BISD is considering doing it again next year.

The last day of classes in the Brenham School District this year will be on Thursday, June 4th, with graduation on Saturday, June 6th.  Besides going into the first week of June, what is especially unusual is that students will get four days off for the Memorial Day Weekend.  Friday, May 22nd and Monday, May 25th are both school holidays, even though most working parents are only off on Monday.

BISD is circulating a calendar survey among its teachers, asking them if they want to repeat the same “end of school” setup for next year.  Teachers are being asked to vote for which date they want school to end…Friday May 27th or Thursday, June 2nd.  If Thursday, June 2nd is chosen as the last day of school next year, students would again get a 4 day holiday over Memorial Day Weekend…right before classes end.

The Brenham administration office says the survey is only for teachers, saying any parents who wish to comment on the proposed calendar for next year can do so during school board meetings.  KWHI wants to know which date you prefer for the last day of classes in 2016.

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  1. This subject has become a joke with the teachers and staff of the schools, input is asked for and then promptly ignored by the Board and the Administration. Every time opinion is sought about the calendar the staff has answered in strong support of a certain calendar the Board has done precisely the opposite. I am not sure why they have bothered to ask.

    In other matters, the staff of Krause Elementary are still being forced to somehow do their jobs with basic supplies like PAPER being given to them. The district no longer buys textbooks for each student and they want the teachers to create material the students can use, but will not supply paper. The morale of teachers is getting lower and lower each year, sort of like their paychecks checks which have failed to keep up with the state average or other areas districts.

  2. In my experience of working for BISD yes we were given a chance to vote on matters like the calendar, however, you could ask your entire staff how they voted, and we would all know how we felt about a certain calendar or whatever the case was, and they, (the board) NEVER went with what we asked for! I’m just saying…it doesn’t seem to matter what the majority votes for they seem to make their own decisions anyway. Good luck Mr. Puckett!

  3. Just wondering when this calendar survey is going to be circulated to the BISD teachers. As of today, BHS teachers have not been presented any calendar to look at.

    1. Why not ask your calendar committee rep? Every school had a staff member on the committee. Ours made sure to get our input.

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