“It costs to grow” according to Blinn College External Affairs Director Cathy Boeker and that’s why the College Board is looking at possible increases in expenditures and revenues for the upcoming school year. She noted there has been increases in enrollment, general expenditures and space on all of the campuses in the Blinn system.

Cathy Boeker small

Blinn College External Affairs Director Cathy Boeker


The Blinn Board of Trustees are in the preliminary stages of their budget talks for the upcoming school year.
The Board will get a review of the next budget when they meet Tuesday on the Brenham campus.
Boeker said last year the College took in just under $90 million in revenues but could spend more this year.

Last year’s budget included $10.7 million in revenues from tuition and fees and $22.7 million in state revenues.
Boeker says it is too early to tell if a property tax increase would be needed. The current tax rate is just over five cents per one hundred dollar valuation. Last year property taxes accounted for only 1.9 percent of the budget.
The Board will take considerable time at Tuesday’s meeting dealing with expansion and improvements on the Bryan campus.
The Blinn Board will meet Tuesday at 6:30pm at the Administration building on the Brenham campus .

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