Assistant District Attorney Eric Berg said Tuesday’s session of the 21st district court had a number of cases in which the defendants blundered into major crimes.

Berg cites the case of 35-year old Melissa Gore of Brenham.  She pled guilty to two counts of driving while intoxicated with child passengers on December 19th.  Berg said she was going through the drive through of a fast food restaurant and the workers there called police when she appeared to be intoxicated.  Brenham police caught up with her at the Wal-Mart store, and was arrested after essentially confessing to the offense.



District Court Judge Reva Towslee Corbett sentenced Gore to three years probation, ordered her to pay a $1000 fine, and perform 200 hours of community service.  She will also have to spend six days in jail, during the weekends at the Washington County Jail.

Berg said a 36 year old man from the Woodlands turned a misdemeanor into a felony because “he was acting like an idiot.”  Berg said Jeffrey Worshan Edwards was being arrested for a relatively minor misdemeanor and he spit on the jail guards while being booked. Judge Corbett sentenced Edwards to four years probation and ordered him to pay a $1973 fine.  He must also perform 100 hours of community service.

Judge Corbett sentenced Lisa Ann Cisco to four years probation after she was arrested for possessing crack cocaine in an incident in December of 2012.  Berg said police were questioning Cisco about a theft and then saw she had a rock of crack in her hands.  Judge Corbett also ordered her to pay a $1500 fine, plus court costs, and she must perform 120 hours of community service.  Berg said Cisco had some substance abuse issues that she was dealing with.

Brett James Gaskamp was sentenced to three years probation for possessing methamphetamines after his  arrest on October 7th 2013.   He must also perform 120 hours of community service and undergo and drug and alcohol evaluation and treatment.

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