The Brenham City Council will discuss a possible mandatory mask order for the City of Brenham at its meeting Thursday.

According to the posted agenda, the city has received several emails and phone calls from concerned citizens, who have requested that Mayor Milton Tate put a mandatory mask policy in place.  In light of the requests, Tate wishes to discuss the matter with the full city council before taking any action or issuing an official order.

The council will also discuss the city’s current local disaster declaration, dated April 30th.

Also in session, councilmembers will discuss upcoming community events and potentially give direction on whether planning for them should move forward.  Per the executive order issued Friday by Governor Greg Abbott, any gatherings of over 100 people cannot occur unless they are permitted by their local government.

Events to be discussed at Thursday’s meeting include the Hot Nights, Cool Tunes summer concert series set for July 11th, 18th, 25th and August 1st; the Brenham Community Picnic planned for July 19th; Movies in the Park July 16th and 30th; and the Summer Sip and Art Walk scheduled for August 8th.

Councilmembers will also go over a pair of planning items for the July 19th community picnic, concerning the temporary closure of state right-of-way and a noise variance.  The free event, to be held at Henderson Park, will feature free food and drinks, music with a DJ, door prizes, and community fellowship.

Also at Thursday’s meeting, the council will consider:

  • Adopting updated and revised aviation minimum standards for the Brenham Municipal Airport. The matter was tabled at the council’s last meeting to allow for further discussion.
  • A public hearing for an ordinance on its first reading granting a specific use permit to allow an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) in an R-2 Mixed Residential Use zoning district at 501 Crocket Street in the Woodlawn Heights Addition in Brenham.

The council will meet Thursday afternoon at 1 p.m., at Brenham City Hall.

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    1. Al. You’re right. It’s a farce. You all have been duped!
      If mask are mandatory then I won’t be there with the rest of the sheep.

    2. I concur.
      Coronaviruses have been around a long time. When you get “tested” they recognize the rna from any one of the family of viruses in that group. This includes if you have ever had the common cold (which is a coronavirus) . Your body’s t-lymphocytes will fight the virus and make m-lymphocytes to fight the viruses if you ever get them again. Keep your immune system healthy. VitD3(sunshine) vitC , and zinc. Heal your gut with pre and probiotics. Eat healthy natural non processed foods. Drink plenty of water. Excersize. Let your lymphatic system get rid of any impurities.

      You’ll survive without a mask. You have this far!

  1. Wear a mask,

    When do we figure out a new name for Washington (slave owner) County and Washington on the Brazos (slave owner)

    1. If is was not for George Washington, who was the greatest American general of all time, we would not have America.

      For as long as people have been around they have been enslaving each other.
      Thousands and thousands of years.

      George Washington and the other founders and framers of our great American United States were great men.
      They were not perfect, but great non the less.

      If you are able, try and read some history and biographies on these men, and the American revolution.
      We should be building more statues and tributes to our American heritage, not tearing them down.

      Communists, fascists, anarchists, nazi’s, and terrorists like to tear down and destroy history and American values and ideals.

      Stand on the side of freedom and knowledge.
      Educate yourself.
      You will be happier for it.

  2. Would anyone posting against wearing a mask here be willing to go into a operating room where the doctor and nurses doing the operation refused to wear a mask? If the Doctor said “we all chose not to wear a mask” would you said that was fine? Lighten up people this is only Temporary ( hopefully) its a small sacrifice to make.

    1. That’s stupid were not doctors performing surgery that’s the worst analogy ever your talking about our rights as americans to be infringed if your so worried stay home wear your dust mask that does absolutely nothing to prevent you from contracting a virus not even mentioning all the negative effects wearing a mask has on your body lack of oxygen weakens the immune system etc etc the only ppe that will prevent you contracting a virus is a healthy immune system or a bio-hazard suit so have fun with that

    2. You realize the masks the surgical team wear is to keep the bacteria from entering the open body. Check the OSHA website. It goes into detail about how the different masks work and how they are supposed to be used. Happy hunting!

    3. Ya and I bet you have an inside job to and not having to be outside all day in the heat working. People are blowing this out of proportion and I’m sure heb and Walmart are probably out of things again bc everyone is terrified like the left wants

  3. It’s about time they mandate it. Lee County just did! (Giddings) H‑E‑B just mandated ALL customers to wear masks. When will people start thinking about their fellow humans and stop being so selfish. It’s such a little thing to do to protect others.

  4. here we go again a few citizens complain about mask and the city official pee their pants. they will once again they cave to the few, and ignore the many. so now we will follow the literal leaders. in the bigger city that have fail to control the mass funerals, protesting and rioting. We are loosing our American freedoms.

    1. Next thier going to be crying just get a micro chip for the sake of your fellow neighbor it’s not that hard lol lol so many people have no idea what’s really at play

  5. It is not that we have a right to not wear a mask but this is another in a long list of freedoms/choices that is now going to be regulated by the government. The government has made a massive power grab the past four months and few seem to care. That is far more scary to me than COVID 19. I care about all lives and not spreading the virus if possible but when this virus has finally run its course we have now set a terrible precedent that allows lives and businesses to be controlled and if desired financially ruined at the whim of the governor and local government. Businesses should continue to be allowed to serve their customers the way they seem best fit and the government needs to stay out of it. Republicans need to wake up and quit electing weak-willed politicians but I’m afraid the damage has already been done. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” – Benjamin Franklin

  6. Cases were never meant to be low and we never closed up to keep from getting sick. The whole purpose was to SLOW the spread to keep the hospitals from being overwhelmed. Well, mission accomplished. Deaths are low and hospitals are good to go. Adults have been more than capable of staying home IF SICK for hundreds if not thousands of years. They’re not children that need to be made to bow to useless measures. We need the healthy to continue to build t cells and establish natural, lifelong herd immunity. Without it, the virus will not die out.

  7. I don’t want to wear clothes! You can’t show me one shred of evidence that proves that clothes stop me from getting sick! Why should I have to wear clothes when I go to the store, get gas, go to church, go see a movie? Who cares if there are kids or elderly or people who don’t want to see my naked body? Why should I have to be uncomfortable for OTHER people’s comfort and peace of mind?

    1. Fair point. And after all, the ugliest and most disgusting things of all emanate from people’s mouths, and those things aren’t even pathogens.

    2. There are already laws against public nudity. If you don’t want to wear clothes in public, I suggest you bring that up with the city council and your state representative and senator.

  8. If I am not wearing a mask, but you are… then you are fine. do not make me wear a mask if I choose not to. If masks help so much, then since you are wearing one, you will be fine.

    do not do this

    1. This is totally inaccurate. If YOU have the virus, your spit can still get on a surface that someone else will then touch. Maybe educate yourself a bit before making comments?

      1. CDC has now said that you are very unlikely to contract the disease through contact with surfaces. Infection is nearly always through airborne droplets after prolonged exposure to infected individuals.

  9. Wearing mask does make a difference see Mayo Clinic and John Hopkins University Medicine websites
    Also other countries doing better because they trust the health experts
    It is not a coincidence that the USA has the most deaths in the world

    1. Our death rate is one of the lowest! Check your facts before repeating something.
      Do we have more than Germany, yes. Is each of out states the size of a European country? Yes. Give me a break. Use your head.

  10. There is not one single piece of hard evidence that proves masks stop,reduce the risk,or help whatsoever! Look on the back of a box of masks! The CDC GUESSED with these RECOMMENDATIONS.They needed to give the public some low hanging fruit to give a false sense of safety and productivity,and wearing a strip of homemade cloth seemed to do the trick. The ones crying “wear your mask” I guarantee aren’t following healthy diet and ways to keep there own body healthy to fight off disease and illness! I see people in the stores with masks on their faces but a shopping cart full of junk food and toxic food. Where’s the health and safety in that!!!

    1. The only problem with this is that you’re wrong. Good day, sir. Make sure you buckle up that seatbelt on your way home. 😉

    2. THE masks fo not keep you from getting covid 19
      It keeps you from spreading the disease. If you are sick stay homew22

    3. Thank You!
      I wish people would read OSHA mask description, uses, and requirements. All of this “science” being spouted is not scientifically backed at all.

  11. Will someone please give me, for once, an intelligent, informed definition of how face mask ordinances strip us of our rights? I am tired of Trumpish spouting off with no reasoning. It sounds like spoiled kids not getting what they want. I am a lifelong Republican, have voted mostly Republican for over 30 years, and am tired of this blind allegiance to Trump. Stop claiming Communism by passing around Facebook posts with no validity. Research Communism well first, please. Masks are not a sign of Communism. Let’s not revert to McCarythyism, of you even know what that is!

    1. Trumpism? What does being forced to wear a mask have to do with who people vote for? Wear yours if you like. I will not

      1. Exactly!! There is a reason we are supposed to be six feet apart!! To prevent the spread!! We do not neet the masks to stay 6 feet apart.
        From the CDC: COVID-19 spreads mainly among people who are in close contact (within about 6 feet) for a prolonged period.

        It may be possible that a person can get COVID-19 by touching a surface or object that has the virus on it and then touching their own mouth, nose, or eyes. However, this is not thought to be the main way the virus spreads. COVID-19 can live for hours or days on a surface, depending on factors such as sunlight, humidity, and the type of surface. Social distancing helps limit opportunities to come in contact with contaminated surfaces and infected people outside the home.

    2. First you give us a scientifically backed arguement for how cloth or paper filters microbes. They dont, we know they don’t, OSHA explains how they don’t, medically trained people know.

  12. So many covid tests are being falsely reported as positive. The nasks are causing headaches due to lack of oxygen. We should not be forced to wear them. Washington County covid cases are low. Please do not enforce mask wearing.

  13. At this point since all this started, if you choose not wearing any face covering that is your CHOICE. If you choose to wear a face covering voluntarily then that is your CHOICE. Imposing a forced action only creates a negative response and negative impact on the community. If we’re all going get through this, we all must be positive about the outcome. Let the business owners do what’s best for their business, they know it best.

    1. If you stab the person next to you, that is your CHOICE. There exists law and law enforcement to try and guide your CHOICE by imposing penalties, but they don’t strip you of your FREE WILL. That there exist policies against you stabbing people does not create a negative response or negative impact on our community.

      We should all hope that individuals will make good sensible decisions. We should all know that some won’t and need to be helped along in order to not stab people…or wear masks. Business owners are individuals and are an important part of our community, yes, but should they should not dictate whether it is permissible for anybody to stab or get stabbed on their property. Sensible business owners will oppose stabbing or disease transmission not only because of the force of law but because it is the right thing to do.

  14. Hi Millennial:
    Just saying you have so much to learn in life.
    They offered free testing for Covid 19 twice !!!!
    Anyway u still need to put your mask on, read news, listen to what others are going through and hopefully you are not having a big 4th of July party !!! Someone may attend that has Covid19. You won’t know until its too late !!!!

    But from i am reading everywhere it is you generation that is spreading Covid19 right now since memorial day !!!!

    1. Indeed Comrade Diane. It must have been all of my fellow millennials who were peacefully protesting, (otherwise known as rioting, looting, and vandalizing), across major cities in Texas. Being as emotional as we millennials are, I guess they forgot to social distance.


    2. I hope so! We need natural herd immunity or it will prolong the virus’s strength and kill more people. I care enough to establish immunity.

  15. Had a family member just pass from covid 19 From a different county here in Texas. He ate right, was a non smoker, and went to the gym and church regularly.

    He was only 37yrs old. I read everyone’s comments here and wander. From what I am reading…..What has happened to our society?

    There was respect, there was helping out your neighbor. Not only respect for individuals but for law enforcement as well !

    I can recall asking young children what they want to be when they grow up? How many would say police officer…..lots !

    Needless to say this is about people wearing masks. I am sure the family members of covid 19 patients question why didnt people wear masks? Maybe if everyone started wearing masks back in May my family member may of not gotten infected !

    He went to hospital tested positive, stayed home for two days couldn’t breathe, so he went to hospital. Put on meds and breathing treatments. Two days later a ventilator that lasted four days !

    There is NO CURE people can die in days from this illness. Healthy people are dying from this illness. What is so hard to keep your opinions to yourself, shut your mouths and put on a lousy mask. No one understands besides staying in our own homes the MASK is our best DEFENSE at this time !

    By the way, when he left for the hospital he was afraid he would not return back home to his family. (Wife, 5yr. Twins and parents, siblings even a grandmother) The saddest part, not ONE family member could of been with him once he got to the hospital. He died among strangers.

    By the way if YOU don’t wear a mask and I catch Covid19 I might end up meeting one of your family members and pass it to them before I get diagnosed.

    Guess I’m thinking about Karma right about now !! What comes around goes around.
    So shut down the negativity about masks put them on and go and move forward so we can all get this illness gone or at least under better control !

    As for you Mayor Tate and County Judge u don’t need city council meetings to KNOW what to do ! Your the HEHA’S in town… so since you make up local laws …..THIS IS A NO BRAINER…..
    EVERYONE NEEDS MASKS !! Done….if someone is not wearing a mask they need to get fined a hundred bucks each time.
    Have local law enforcement at HEB and walmart issuing tickets.

    People won’t worry about infringing on their rights, they will be worried your infringing on their wallets !!! Let them slam you all with a lawsuit !!! Wont work !!!!!
    So MAYOR AND COUNTY JUDGE put your “BIG BOY BRITCHES” on and do whats right for both the city and county !!!!

  16. OK So some are requesting mandatory masks. I’m one who is requesting that it be a choice. With it being a choice, if you feel the need to wear a mask, you wear it. If you find that you don’t want to wear a mask, you don’t wear it. Everyone wins. Everyone gets to do what they want to do with a mask. See, I didn’t ask that you not wear your mask. You still have your freedom of choice. But your request does step on my freedom not to wear a mask.

    1. The mask is to help other people though. So if I wear one, I’m helping you and you not wearing once because of your pride, means you’re hurting me in return. There’s no reason besides being prideful, the kind of prideful the Bible warns against, to not put on a mask until this whole thing is over with. You wear a seat belt, right?

  17. This should not still be up for consideration. People aren’t complaining about “muh freedoms” when they are expected to wear pants when they leave their house; they shouldn’t be complaining now. Masks do not cause hypoxia, and in fact greatly reduce the spread of viral illness. If you can put on your big boy pants in the morning without throwing a tantrum, you can wear a mask.

    1. Seems to me, the only ones throwing tantrums are you mask debaters, the rest of us are just conveying our right to be free. If the mask works so well for you, then why the heck do you care if I have one? I’ll be waiting for that answer

  18. I support wearing a mask! It’s been proven that mask protect ourselves and most importantly our neighbor.
    We need to stop complaining and try to help stop the spread. It’s not always about you. There are many people with health issues that we can all try to help protect. There were so many of precious grandparents that were told they had to fight in a war, chances of coming home were 50/50. They did it and they did it with pride to protect their neighbor. I don’t think wearing a mask is too difficult.

  19. I hope that this will be enforced. This isn’t about you, it’s about protecting and loving your neighbor. It’s unreal to me how many of you wine and complain about a mask. My grandfathers were told they had to go fight in a war and chances of coming home were 50/50. Now we are so weak and spoiled we complain about a MASK! Get over yourselves. I would think a mask is more comfortable then a ventilator.

  20. Let’s celebrate the upcoming Fourth of July by mandating masks. Way to celebrate our FREEDOM. I could just cry that this is going on. What is happening to our country? I’ve been proud to be an American all my life, in fact that song by Greenwood still brings tears to my eyes, but here I sit ashamed that these people who we have trusted to protect our rights are the ones eroding them. Nothing like a mask to signify the end of Free Speech. They are silencing us with them.

    1. A mask can protect you and your 4 children. If u love them enough u would force them to wear one !
      Your just as bad as parents that don’t immunize their children !! Children love their parents, so they think the parent is always right !
      As children they don’t have the choice you are making it for them !
      Just thinking as I am writing this…. are your children immunized?

    2. I vote for individual responsibility and let Mr. Darwin take care of any necessary modifications to the gene pool.

  21. Please make this happen!! Too many careless people walking around not wearing face coverings with zero consideration for our fellow citizens.

      1. Great question, the answer is no. The mask keeps those around you safe. So if I’m wearing one, it’s protecting you. You not wearing one in return is putting me at risk. This is what making masks optional, isn’t an option. I’m doing my part, yet I’m still at risk because someone else won’t do theirs?

      2. Yes,BUT it’s the ones spreading it not wearing a mask,the Asymptomatic ones.which is 80% .not knowning they have it and spread it to someone that might have a harder time recovering..hospitals are starting to fill up,numbers dont lie

        1. Absolutely. I’ve heard more times than I can count, “if you’re sick, wear a mask”. The problem is people don’t KNOW they’re sick. So we all need to wear one.

    1. Not careless, just our right if you die then you die. Don’t go out if you’re so worried about it. Mask have not done anything, when people go home what’s to stop them from not sanitizing and going to work next day and spreading it with a mask on. Grocery stores someone has touched that product at least once before you have and then your brought it home. How do you know if someone tried to open your car and had it or spit or sneezed on your handle.

    2. Have you ever though about the working residents that keep the town running. Try doing manual labor with a mask on and with 100 degree Texas heat. It’s fine for y’all that sit in an air conditioner office or at home. You might be worried about the covid-19 but I’m worried about heat stroke.

      1. Most local mask ordinances are without penalty and exclude certain situations such as outdoor workers. Don’t know what Brenham leaders would require.

    1. if you contract covid 19 and I caught it from you….what a shame that would be. All because you want rights.

      I have tge right to live in a world without disease and illness. But so many people like you that want choices now have destroyed rights and have taken them away…..

      So now what…..shut down this stupidity put your mask on so we all can help dissolve this ugliness!

      1. You will NEVER live in a world without disease and illness and come to think of it…..NEVER have!! Germs, viruses, diseases, and illnesses weren’t invented in 2020 ma’am!

      2. Gives me a headache. Am I suppose to walk around with a headache all day for you. You have a mask on.

      3. If you believe that wearing your mask will keep you from getting the virus, and if you believe that wearing your mask will also keep you from passing the virus, then you should believe that you are safe and covered from passing or receiving the virus regardless if anyone else is wearing a mask or not. So, why are you so concerned with forcing everyone else to wear one? Your logic doesn’t add up.

    1. Stop making this about rights etc.its about a virus that is now spreading rapidly, total is 270.heck back during the spanish flu they wore masks and kept their distance from others.these 2 guidelines out in public do stop the spread.its not hard to do..

      1. This oldtimer is my kind of person! You’re exactly right about the Spanish flu! This will pass but we need to take precautions until it does, simple!

      2. OLDTIMER…..I agree w/you. I want you on the ballot for next City Mayor or County Judge….because you have more logic & clear thinking than the current Mayor & Judge. Kudos to you for clearly calling out the Spanish flu & how it was contained. Keep thinking this way…your a genius. Hope you have enlightened these other people that REFUSE to wear mask. Appreciate you speaking here & not showing the negatively that others are .

      3. Our rights and individual freedoms are what make the USA and Texas special and those rights and freedoms will continue to erode away if no one stands up for them. I’m not willing to give up my rights at the whim of our governor who puts out an executive order whenever enough people scream for the government to save them. He is being sued for not calling a special legislative session to make actual laws and I hope the Texas Supreme Court will put an end to this abuse of power. Yes, we should personally choose to protect those who are vulnerable from the virus but that is a personal decision. Businesses should have the same rights as individuals and be able to decide if they want to require face masks or not. This current virus will run its course someday. I just hope our rights are still there when it’s over.

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