The Brenham City Council will take up several controversial topics at its meeting Thursday.

The council will consider annexing, adopting service plans, and assigning zoning to several tracts of land.   The council will address roughly 44 acres of land at the intersection of FM 389, FM 332, and Industrial Boulevard; and 6/10ths of an acre at Scenic Estates, adjacent to the west side of Old Masonic Road.

City staff are still recommending that annexation of roughly 194 acres on the east side of Farmers Road—between FM 389 and Old Mill Creek Road—and the north side of Old Mill Creek Road—between the current city limit line and Jackson Creek—be postponed until the city can accurately calculate costs involved.

Also in session, the council will look at first reading of an ordinance establishing the rate tariff schedules for a Drainage Utility Charge, for the municipal Drainage Utility System. The city is implementing the system and associated charge to establish a dedicated funding source to address stormwater issues.

(courtesy City of Brenham)

The council will also hold public hearing and potentially act on expanding the boundaries of the first Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone, approved last December.

The expansion would include just under 200 acres located along the Highway 290, South Market and West Main Street corridors, which would be added to the approximately 2,201 acres previously approved.

The council will also:


  • Issue first reading of an ordinance repealing sections of city ordinance pertaining to municipal court funds and fees.  The ordinance is so the city will be compliant under Senate Bill 346 passed in the 86th Legislature, which establishes a $14 court cost that the municipal treasurer must allocate.
  • Hold executive session to discuss real property regarding the Barnhill Center at the Historic Simon Theater, along with the appointment and compensation of an additional municipal court associate judge.
  • Consider first reading of an ordinance amending the Fire Prevention and Protection chapter of city ordinance.
  • Consider changing the zoning of just under 2/10ths of an acre at 406 Church Street from mixed residential use to commercial research and technology use. The property was recently acquired by the Bank of Brenham, who is looking to demolish the current residence on the property and use the lot to provide additional parking for customers and employees.

In addition to its regular meeting at 1 p.m., the council will also meet at 11 a.m. to act on the appointment of board members to the Tax Increment Reinvestment Zone Board of Directors. Both meetings will be held at Brenham City Hall.

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  1. Greed is a key word here. We all know who are the powers that be will always benefit. Dorthy Morgan spoke the truth and laid out common sense facts and figures for future growth of this not so long mini Houston we will become. There will be regrets so don’t complain when this effects your check book.

  2. Why would the city planning staff consider an annexation without knowing the cost before requesting city council approval? What else is being done without city cost considerations?

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