Brenham’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board will further discuss the usage of tobacco in public facilities and parks at its meeting Wednesday.

The board will consider making a recommendation to the city council to amend a chapter of city ordinance, to define city parks as tobacco-free environments.  Public Works Director Dane Rau said this recommendation would give the ordinance better language for restrictions on tobacco for park facilities.

The board will also hold a work session pertaining to an aquatic therapy class to possibly be held at the Blue Bell Aquatic Center.  Rau said a private business is looking at using the Aquatic Center’s therapy pool for its patients.  The city will discuss usage and rental rates for usage of the pool.

Also on the agenda, the board will discuss electing a chairperson and vice chairperson for a one-year term, and introduce new board members.  It will also receive several staff updates.

The board will meet Wednesday at noon, at the All Sports Building at Hohlt Park, located at 137 Lounge Road in Brenham.

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  1. It absolutely makes no sense the way city of Brenham spends our tax dollars that’s why our taxes go up every year every year and every year unfortunately no one is really concerned about that they just pay their taxes to keep their properties and complain

  2. The Americans Disability Act accept swings as handicap friendly. The new spiderweb is not. It is against the act to make public property less handicap friendly. The city should know this. The city may face legal action if someone files a complaint.

  3. Please, Please, PLEASE ban tobacco from the parks. It smells so bad and my allergies go nuts when people insist on smoking near you. They somehow think that because they are outside it does not stick as much, they are wrong. Areas that are built for use by children and families should not allow smoking of any kind. And before someone pipes up, smoking is not a right and it can and should be restricted to as few public areas as possible.

  4. What the board really needs to discuss is who at the city is responsible for the removal of the large swingset at Fireman’s Park and at Hohlt Park. The swingsets are gone. There is a giant spiderweb of rubberbands at Fireman’s Park now. The swings historically have been there forever. The swings were in constant use. Children are not spiders. We do not need spiderwebs.

    1. Yes!!! Thank you for bringing this up!! My 6 year old was almost in tears when she noticed the swings and the “tunnel slide” were no longer at fireman’s park. What’s worse is she nearly hurt herself severely and also received rope burn from the new “spider web”. The swings have been there since I was a child and I enjoyed watching my daughter swing on them as well.

      This, on top of the ugly restrooms that have taken FOREVER to build and do not match the other historical buildings at the park, make me believe that the board and leadership over the parks have no idea what they are doing. Very upsetting that my tax dollars are being wasted this way!!!

    2. Totally agree. A park NEEDS swings. Kids have more fun on swings than they do on anything else. Even grown ups like to swing with their kids. The City can’t use the “it’s a liability” line because they have a skate park right next door. Who’s bright idea was it to take out the swings, anyway?

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