A Brenham police officer was honored at Brenham City Council Thursday for his efforts in saving the life of a citizen of Brenham.

Brenham Police Corporal Kejan Mehlhorn (center, right) with Captain Lloyd Powell, recognized at Thursday's city council meeting for his efforts in saving the life of a Brenham citizen.

Corporal Kejan Mehlhorn received the Life Saving Award in recognition of his valor in the efforts that saved the life of a young man earlier this year.

Captain Lloyd Powell, who presented the award, said police received a call on January 10th that a man was feeling suicidal in the Hohlt Park area.

Officers immediately came to the park and began searching for the man, who Cpl. Mehlhorn found to be in the process of hanging himself. Cpt. Powell said Cpl. Mehlhorn got him down “with seconds to spare”.

Police were unsure if the man was going to make it, but medical responders were able to help him recover. According to Cpt. Powell, Washington County EMS officials say the man is healthy and “doing good”.  He attributed this to Mehlhorn’s “persistence and work”.

Cpt. Powell said the Life Saving Award is one of the most prestigious awards one can get in law enforcement. He said, while it can sometimes be a thankless job, it’s not always about someone saying “good job”, but rather knowing your efforts helped save a life.

Brenham Police Corporal Sierra Newell (right) with Captain Dant Lange, in recognition of her recent promotion.

Also recognized was recently promoted Corporal Sierra Newell, who works as a school resource officer at Brenham Junior High School.

Captain Dant Lange said she frequently goes “above and beyond” for the students there, saying Cpl. Newell spends her own time and money taking care of kids whose families have fallen on hard times.

Cpl. Newell said it’s “a true privilege” to work for the City of Brenham, and she’d like to continue to “be here for a while”.

Also at Thursday’s meeting, the city council:

  • Received presentation regarding the possible amendment of city ordinance relating to vehicles for hire.
  • Approved an ordinance amending the flood damage prevention ordinance.
  • Approved a no parking zone on the west side of Green Street between College Avenue and West Third Street.
  • Approved a master services agreement between the city and Tempest, Inc., for customer relationship management software for Visit Brenham.  The three-year contract is for $21,000, using hotel occupancy tax funds.
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