The Brenham ISD Board of Trustees has taken the latest step in the search for a new superintendent.

Six candidates have been selected for interviews from the pool of 48 applicants from across the state and the nation.  The board used the profile developed by community members, staff members and district leaders.

Former superintendent Dr. Walter Jackson resigned earlier this year to take the post in the LaPorte ISD.

Board President Natalie Lange stated, “This position is one of the most desirable 5A jobs in the state. The applicant pool has been very competitive, just as expected.”

Lange says the board’s goal now, “…is to interview and carefully research the candidates, and are looking forward to finding an exceptional leader who is the right fit for the district and community.”

The board will interview the six selected candidates next Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  The finalists will be invited back for a second round of interviews.

District officials say the board's goal is to take ample time vetting, selecting,and presenting a lone finalist for the position.

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  1. Let’s make sure we select a candidate who will get kids back in the classroom this fall. BISD needs to get kids back in the buildings this fall if permitted by the state. Otherwise, there is going to be some very organized resistance that follows. Some of the folks who organized the campaigns against the racetrack (Bluebonnet Circuit) are already making preparations and getting parent groups organized.

    1. Go ahead. You don’t scare us. U have no say in what’s safe for kids and staff at the schools. Just because you don’t want to watch your own kid during a pandemic. If it’s not safe it will not happen. And I can assure you that your kids will not like the school the way it will be now. O and get ready for it to close all the time when people start testing positive! This goes beyond the day of BISD and beyond what u and ur groupies think

    2. Not understanding WHY they have to be back in the Classroom. Now that we know that the Governor and TEA has provided us with OPTIONS ! I plan to take the option of remote learning. Why? Within the first month of school there will be so many cases of COVID19 in school , I surely plan to protect my child. If one student gets ill with this Virus…I’m wondering how many other students and teachers will get infected as well. Not to mention how many business’ have shut down for a week or two for sanitation purposes? Quite a few from what I understand. Jeep, Specs, Andrea’s Taco Shop, etc….so how are parents suppose to organize their lives if they are not aware what day the school may shut down. I personally think it will be way too much stress, to try to go through that again as we did in March!
      From what I have been reading – it just seems as if parents want to rid themselves of their children for that 8-9 hours a day. As a parent you have the responsibility to keep your child safe. God Bless those parents that are willing to take a chance WITH their childrens’ lives !

      1. Julia you are so right!! And yes parents just want daycare and not to have to watch their own children. Such a shame they are willing to put their kids lives in danger and all the school staff lives in danger. Tells you who should be a parent and who shouldn’t be!!

  2. Board President Natalie Lange stated, “This position is one of the most desirable 5A jobs in the state. The applicant pool has been very competitive, just as expected.”

    If that is indeed the case, I would expect to see a huge improvement over the previous occupant of that job! To the board, please keep in mind that integrity, honesty, and shared values with our community are very important in this role.

    1. I’m curious to know what you mean by this statement. What was so bad about the previous occupant?

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