The Burleson County Fair will currently go on as scheduled, except for the entertainment.  In a notice posted today (Thursday) on their Facebook page, Directors of the Burleson County Fair Association said they are actively going forward with plans for the Fair, except that this year’s headlining entertainment has been canceled.  The Fair is scheduled to take place the week of September 20th in Caldwell.  In the release, the Directors said: “As we move forward in the planning, please know that the youth of Burleson County are our main priority, and we plan to do everything possible so they may have a successful Burleson County Fair experience.  The Fair Board will continue to keep you updated in the months to come.  Please be patient as we navigate through this uncharted environment.  Due to Covid-19 guidelines changing daily, all scheduled events are scheduled to change.”

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  1. WOW!!! Just wow!!!! Can not believe they are doing this. I hope Washington county has better judgement than this. How many more cases?? HOW MANY MORE DEATHS?? Please stop this maddness before its too late. PLEASE JUDGE PLEASE STEP IN AND SHUT IT DOWN!!!!

    1. Very little deaths.
      Most have pre existing conditions or are in nursing homes which is even worse.
      There are 29 million people in Texas, there have been 2900 deaths give or take.
      You are more likely to die slipping in your bathroom then from this superflu.
      Wise up.
      Stay home if you need.

    2. Have you ever had a child that raised an animal to show at a local fair or major show? These kids and their parents spend countless hours on these projects. Many of these kids depend on the possible sale for a way to pay for college. By shutting down these events , that doesn’t happen. All the time and money they have spent will be for nothing. I think any event can happen as long as people use common sense. If you are against it or other events then don’t go. I am sure there are many that feel the way you do, but just as many that do not. We can’t hide under a rock forever. We need these events to help support our youth. They have already had so much taken away from this year.

    3. Oh get a grip! Stay home if you don’t want to be around the fair. I’m so sick of all you whiny people. STAY HOME! The world has to keep going. I hope the Washington County Fair goes on as planned.

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