The Burton City Council will consider the appointment of another new member at its meeting Tuesday.

After swearing in new councilmember Paul McLaughlin at its meeting in December, the council will look to appoint Macey Tidwell to the City Council Position Five.  Prior to the appointment, the council will consider accepting the resignation of current Position Five Councilmember Buck Oliphant.

Also at Tuesday’s meeting, the council will reconsider several items tabled at its previous meeting, including action on a mobile home ordinance variance for either behind 610 North Colorado Street on Trinity Street, or for 12832 West Burton Street.  A Burton resident is seeking a variance to the ordinance and asking for approval to move into a brand new mobile home at one of the two locations.

Councilmembers will also revisit discussion on an amendment to the city’s animal control ordinance limiting the number of cats and dogs residents could own.

The council will also consider:

  • Hiring Jason Jaster as a contractor for mowing, edging, and shredding of city properties.
  • An order of election for May 1st, as well as an election services contract between the city and Washington County and an interlocal election contract and agreement between the city and Burton ISD.
  • An ordinance establishing policies and procedures for all electronic funds transfers.
  • Applying for the Texas Department of Agriculture Community Development Block Grant 2021-22.
  • Accepting the engagement letter as submitted by Medack and Oltmann, LLP to perform the annual audit of the fiscal year ending March 31st.

The council will meet Tuesday afternoon at 5:30 p.m. at the Burton Volunteer Fire Department Station #2, located at 1687 FM 1697.

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  1. I hope they vote to allow this individual to place a mobile home on their property. This person should have the right to live on his/her own property. As long as the city’s ordinances pertaining to maintenance of the lot and outside are adhered to, whose business is it what the home itself is constructed from! That is just plain elitist!

  2. Please vote yes to mobile homes because they are affordable, come on many shapes, sizes, and colors.
    They also depreciate in value every year, which is great news for the property owner, less prooerty taxes to pay. As long as the are well maintained and a bit a landscaping, they can be quite nice. Maybe they should vote on city ordinances that make sure your property is kept up nice, if they dont already have them in place.

  3. Please vote NO to a mobile home being added to 610 N. Colorado on Trinity St. or any other address in Burton. I feel that this would severely affect the property values in a negative way.

    1. If you can afford such a nice house then buy them folks some property out of your sight and let them live in peace. It’s not your decision where and what people live in!

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