Robbie Gail Charette

A Brenham attorney has filed to run for Washingtton County Court at Law Judge against the incumbent in the March primary.

Robbie Gail Charette has filed face Judge Eric Berg in the Republican Primary.

Charette was recently honored by the Lone Star Legal Aid organization for handling the most pro bono legal cases in Washington County for veterans and victims of violent crimes.

Berg was appointed interim court at law judge by the Washington County Commissioners, then was elected to the post in 2016.

No Democrats have announced plans to run for the post.

Full Press Release:

Washington county resident and attorney Robbie Gail Charette filed to run for Judge, County Court at Law with the Washington County Republican Party.  Incumbent Judge Eric Berg has also announced his intention to run for reelection.

Ms. Charette has run a successful law practice focusing on family law and other closely related issues..Robbie Gail Charette touted among her chief reasons for running.  "My 16 plus years of experience dealing with family, juvenile, CPS, APS, guardianship and probate cases makes me uniquely qualified to deliver the swift and efficient justice that Washington County citizens, families and children deserve."

She believes her education and experience is critical to changing the focus of the office saying "The days of our families waiting for months behind criminal defendants will be over- if you choose me as your Judge. My restructuring plan for the County Court at Law will put the protection of children and families first, while also protecting hard-earned taxpayer dollars from waste and inefficiency."  Ms Charette is Board Certified in Family Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.  She is also a Texas Certified Public Accountant.

On the need for Washington county to have an elected judge in this position Ms. Charette said, "Texas is different from many states in that we elect our judges and that's an important difference. The hard-working citizens of this county deserve the right to elect a judge who is available and accountable. As your popularly elected Judge, my only obligation will be to you, the voters."

Robbie Gail urges voters who "aren't familiar with what the County Court at Law does...Do your research or ask someone who's had to deal with it. I am confident that if you do, you'll agree that the children, families and taxpayers need a Judge who's in their corner...I'll be that Judge and I ask for your vote in the Republican Primary on March 6."

Robbie Gail said she desires to run a clean campaign focused on "Justice, not politics."


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