Brenham City Council approved the first reading of several zoning changes Thursday. The three zoning changes dealt with a new business that is looking at locating at 3201 Highway 36 South. Cy-Fair Tire is planning on operating a retail and wholesale tire shop at that location and is needing the zoning changed on three tracts to comply with city zoning laws. Councilman Danny Goss questioned if neighboring property owners were aware of the ramifications of having a tire shop nearby. City staff said that the neighboring properties had been notified and were in agreement with the zoning change.

Council also considered a variance request to reduce the setback requirements for 3 lots in the Heritage Oaks Subdivision. Thielemann Construction is developing the subdivision along Cantey Street and Gun and Rod Road. They are requesting that the setback be reduced from 25 feet to 15 feet on three lots that abut Cantey and Gun and Rod. Council voted to approve the variance request on the first reading, but asked for the city engineer to look at the right of way width for Gun and Rod Road before the second reading.

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