Much of today’s (Thursday’s) Brenham City Council meeting will be behind closed doors, as they meet with the city attorney concerning a large building in the downtown area that is not in compliance with building standards. City Manager Terry Roberts says this structure at 209 South Market has been in bad shape for a long time and they have worked with the owners about making an upgrade.


The Brenham City Council will discuss this building at today's meeting.
The Brenham City Council will discuss this building at today's meeting.

While there are several other buildings and houses not in compliance with building standards, Roberts says this building is the largest and in the greatest need of attention.

The Brenham City Council will also adopt new permit inspection fees and enact code enforcement by the city fire marshal.
The council will also act on amending an airport project agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation.
The Brenham City Council meets today (Thursday) at one at city hall.

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  1. It would be nice if they would state what issues make this building not compliant. Maybe the City needs to worry about more important things than this. I for one don’t see any problems with this building.

    1. I don’t know all of the reasons this building has been labeled substandard. I do know that it has no windows. No windows means rain enters the building and damages the floors and walls. Buildings must be protected from the weather so they don’t deteriorate.

  2. It would be nice to save this building, preserve the facade at least, to help keep downtown Brenham looking historic; following examples like Ant Street Inn, Simon Theater, the Courthouse, the old New York Store Bldg, to name a few.
    Must be some kind of Urban Renewal Grant floating around somewhere.

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