The Brenham City Council today (Thursday) granted a tax phase in agreement with a corporation that makes  rubber products and would create $1 million in additional payroll to workers in the city.

Clint Kolby, the Project Manager for the Brenham Economic Foundation told the Council that PPE Incorporated was waiting for this agreement so they could begin developing their operation on five acres of land in the 3200 block of South Blue  Bell Road, in the Brenham Business Center off 290. 

Kolby said the corporation would employ 22 workers after the first year and eventually have 60 workers.  PPE would make a total of $8.3 million in capital improvements after five years with GSL Constructors investing $3.3 million o construct the 30,000 square foot industrial building.  The total capital investment for this project will be $11.6 million.

The tax reinvestment zone is part of a city policy adopted several years ago, and Kolby told the Council that the level of tax breaks depends on how many jobs they create.


Kolby said this corporation was looking at several sites and Brenham was fortunate to have them come to the city.   

Once located in Brenham, PPE and GSL will pay a total of $87,137 in new taxes in its first year of operation.  At the end of the tax phase in period, the two corporations will have paid a total o $1.1 million in new taxes. 

The tax abatement amounts to $635,175 in total property taxes and $348,685 from city taxes.

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