It may only be September, but City of Brenham officials are already seeking input on downtown Brenham’s annual Christmas Stroll and Lighted Parade.

The city is asking prospective participants to complete a brief survey showing their interest in taking part in this year’s parade, scheduled for Saturday, December 5th.

Organizations are asked to indicate whether they would be likely to participate in the parade if logistically possible, and add any other feedback they would like to include.

Interested parties are asked to complete the survey by Monday.

The survey can be taken by clicking the link here.

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  1. There is no good reason to cancel this wonderful Christmas Season Celebration at all.
    We, as a family, and as participants, look forward to this event ever year.
    The kids love it, as do the parents, grandparents, and visitors to our community.
    This is a necessary event, just as Hot Nights/Cool Tunes, the music and wine fest, and all the rest, are vital to our community’s economic and mental health.
    I can only hope that the city’s management can see the importance of this.
    They did finally reopen the library, so there is still hope.
    Make the correct decision, and have the event.
    City of Brenham, we are counting on you.

  2. We have not gotten through fall and winter yet to be discussing a parade and alot of other venues that should have been cancelled. The government and these doctors don’t know enough about the virus and are not agreeing on alot when discussing it . I am pleased but still worried about our students and teachers that were forced into facing the virus head on . I still say that change needs to be made and if we don’t vote consecutively it will get worse before better. I understand that everyone is tired of this whole situation but me I rather be tired than dead. Please keep wearing your mask and social distance for yourself and everyone around you. I pray that God keeps Washington county and all other counties covered with his armour and that he continues to give us knowledge and wisdom to make the right decision.

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