Brenham’s Economic Development Foundation (EDF) will soon be under the umbrella of the City of Brenham.

According to City Manager James Fisher, the city is taking EDF activities in-house, while maintaining the EDF board for advisory roles.  Fisher says the city plans to take the program and provide it with additional resources.

The city will work alongside the Brenham Community Development Corporation (BCDC), to promote economic and community development by implementing and financing projects.  Previously, the EDF—independent of the city—worked with the BCDC, receiving funds from city sales taxes and loans to purchase land and infrastructure improvements.

Brenham EDF Chair Billy Holle says this transition has been discussed at length with the city and assistant city managers for many years, but it was never acted upon due to lack of resources.  He says this move will bring many positives to the city of Brenham.



Holle says the transition has barely begun, so there is still plenty of work to do.  The city will look for a full-time president and CEO for the department, as well as a project coordinator and specialist.  He says the EDF will continue to provide counsel for the city, as it makes this transition.



Holle says the department will enter into a written agreement with the city in the near future.



The city has begun its search for the new positions, and hopes to have them filled by September 1st.  They will be filled no later than October 1st.

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