The Brenham City Council will meet again Thursday, only a week after their previous meeting.  The change is due to scheduling conflicts.

On the agenda for the meeting, council will consider a lease with Roy Burger for the use of the old landfill property off of Allen Road.  Burger and his file company, RB Film Productions, leased the property back in January of 2016, but it apparently has not been used.  Burger released a statement last week that the “Burning of Brenham” movie has had a number of setbacks, but that he was still committed to making it.

Also on the agenda for Thursday, council will be voting on the second reading of a variance to three lots in the Heritage Oaks Subdivision. Thielemann Construction is requesting that the setback be reduced from 25 feet to 15 feet on three lots that abut Cantey and Gun and Rod. Council voted to approve the variance request on the first reading last week, but asked for the city engineer to look at the right of way width for Gun and Rod Road before the second reading.

Council will also consider the purchase of 4 new vehicles for the Brenham Police Department.  They will also consider authorizing the issue of Certificates of Obligation for the City of Brenham.

Council is expected to go into executive session Thursday to again discuss the candidates for City Manager.   Terry Roberts has served 17 years in that position and is retiring January 31st.

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