The Washington County Commissioners met at 9 am Tuesday morning to discuss a variety of issues.

One of the bigger items was the discussion and approval of an Order Authorizing Purchase of 21.45 acres for relocation of the Road and Bridge department, which was approved later in the morning. The land is located north of Brenham, and the land partially fronts Highway 36. The negotiated price was $12,000 per acre, for a total price of $257,400. County Judge John Brieden stated that the land will meet the counties needs and was obtained at a fair market price, which, he said, was a very good use of tax payer money.

Also discussed was the approval of a Resolution proclaiming October 30, 2014 as Telehealth Counseling Day. Commissioner Joy Fuchs noted that the need for Telehealth counseling is necessary due to the fact that the county has no psychologist, and that the role of Telehealth would be counseling and the avoidance of medications, if possible. October 30th was announced at Telehealth Counseling Day, and it is also the first anniversary of the first patient to make use of Telehealth Counseling.

There was also discussion of granting and approving the County Auditor the authority to conduct an audit of the FY 2014 Chapter 59 Asset Forfeiture Report by the 21st Judicial District Attorney.

Also approved was the Formal Notice for a Proposed Burial Utility Water Line crossing on Kuykendall Road in Precinct one for Donald W. Lampe.

County Clerk Beth Rothermel also announced that early voting continued this week, and that there would be no weekend voting this weekend. Rothermel also wanted the public to know that if a voter is disabled, and cannot get into their voting place, that a voting official would bring the ballot to them in their vehicle. Election Day is Tuesday, November 4th.



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