Washington County residents will be receiving a letter in coming weeks, concerning supplemental insurance for air medical services.

City and county officials say that while some may consider this as junk mail, it is actually an offer of a second level of protection for air medical services.

For more information, contact Washington County EMS Director Kevin Deramus at 979 277-6267.

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  1. Every time someone has asked what this cost the tax payers, many a time Kevin Deramus has said it will not cost you a dime because the country took out an insurance policy for all Washington County residents. Well as we all know nothing is free. He has gone on to say the billing model is set up just like the ground EMS as to charge off anything that INSURANCE doesn’t cover. Well let’s throw this out there, what was the standard rate for insurance premiums in Washington County prior to this Helicopter coming to town? What will your insurance rates or premiums be after this “service” has been here for a couple of years? Let’s also bring up the fact that their discussions about this project were kept “quite” and most country residents didn’t know about it till after the deal was done. Oh but Mr. Deramus will fall back on non-disclosure agreements that were signed with Reach as to not let other Competitors know of the deal in the works. Maybe that’s cause there was a more cost effective way of doing business.
    Now let’s talk about how they are forcing the services of this helicopter on Pts who do not need it service. There have been numerous times in which the EMS has tried to push flying a transfer pt out of Scott & White Brenham, mainly because they didn’t want to tie up a ground unit. ER doctors have argued and even had to stand their ground on certain pts not going by helicopter. It has also been noted, there have been pts that have been flown by helicopter, that if the industry standard was used, those pts didn’t warrant going by air. Why you might ask? Well most of this is in part to a failure to prioritize the amount of transfers that EMS is taking out of Scott & White Brenham. Many times leaving the residents of Washington County under protected. When I say under protected, this is from 1 ground unit available for the whole county. But we have a helicopter that will always save the day, NOT! The EMS system under Deramus at its current rate will not continue to sustain itself and the residents of Washington County are who will suffer.

  2. What if we already have a membership to a different company? are they allowed to service brenham or washington county?

    1. I’m also interested in their answers or excuses why there a charge or so called extra insurance needed… Sounds like we need better qualified individuals to make better decisions! ASAP!

      So what happened to not costing the residents of Washington Country anything? This was a set up disaster from beginning and everyone could see between the lines except those great Aggies in office with personal buddy system ties and some would consider this a scam and breach of service with upcoming legal action if they would receive a huge bill!

      I hope the spectator gets on this very quick to give us insight to the real truth! Thanks

      1. I think there may still be some confusion for you. Please call me at my office and I’ll explain. The benefit is already purchased for you as a county resident. Like any policy, this is to inform you of what you already have and to offer additional insurance. For example, if you are not in the covered area (Washington County and adjacent counties) for $45/year you could add the nationwide coverage. It is simply an attempt to put the covered plan in front of the residents.

        1. Mr. Deramus as a Washington County resident you can’t just pick up the phone and call the Air Medical service you want. If you are in another adjacent county they have a contracted Air Medical service for that county so your insurance is useless.

    2. It doesn’t!! It’s optional if you want to get it that way you don’t have to pay!! Just like life flight you will get a bill the service is not free it just doesn’t cost tax payers any money for operation expenses

      1. But if you pay for the insurance isn’t that still paying for the service. Nothing in the world is free

        1. … That way my whole point! Who do we really have in charge of things and wake up people it was advertised as a FREE serving not costing those of Washington County a dime but now they wanna add some insurance if wanted but still be a Life Flight bill for the service… What part of FREE don’t you understand if it’s not supposed to cost the taxpayers anything? I never seen the article saying anything about not costing the taxpayers of Washington County for the maintenance part of it. If one does exist could it possibly be republished from the original date. Please and thank you.

    3. Did you read the brochure? Won’t cost you a dime if you’re insured or if you don’t want the insurance

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