As the number of confirmed measles cases increases across Texas and the United States, doctors are urging patients to get vaccinated.

Measles is reappearing in several parts of the United States, due to an increasing number of parents choosing to not vaccinate their children.

Dr. William Loesch, a general internal medicine physician at Baylor Scott and White – Brenham Clinic, said there aren’t any measles cases in the Brazos Valley yet. In fact, he believed the virus was eradicated, as he has never personally seen a case of measles since he became a physician in 2006.

That said, Dr. Loesch knows how fast the airborne illness can spread. He said, as of last week, there have been seven confirmed cases across five counties in the state.



Many parents have declined to have their children vaccinated, for fear that vaccinations can potentially lead to autism. Dr. Loesch said there has never been conclusive evidence to show any relation between the two, so he believes the best step to take to avoid measles is to simply get vaccinated.



Dr. Loesch said common symptoms of measles to look for are a fever above 101-degrees, a rash that lasts longer than three days, and other symptoms typically seen with a common cold. He said, if you think you have the measles, do not go to the emergency room.



According to statistics from the Federal Centers for Disease Control, up to 90 percent of people who are not immune to measles can become infected with it, if they come into close contact with someone who has it.

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