A six-vehicle crash involving an 18-wheeler in Chappell Hill Friday sent at least one person to the hospital.

Just before 5 p.m., authorities responded to the intersection of Highway 290 and FM 1155 for a crash with entrapment.  First responders found the driver of the 18-wheeler entrapped.

The Brenham Fire Department helped EMS remove the driver from the 18-wheeler.

DPS officials say the driver was flown by helicopter to a hospital in Houston.  DPS had no information on if anyone else involved in the crash was transported.

Traffic was slowed for several hours, as the traffic signal at the intersection was damaged during the crash.  TxDOT responded to the scene to install a temporary signal.

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  1. I use 290 regularly going and coming through Chappell Hill. Truck drivers are the most inconsiderate drivers on that stretch of road. They constantly speed and tailgate drivers who follow the posted speed limits. Also they are notorious for pulling in front of you while traveling the speed limit so they don’t have to downshift when slower traffic is inform of them. Also they will pull over on you knowing you will hit your brakes to prevent an accident so they don’t have to slow when traffic is entering the freeway in from of them. Where is special dept of DPS that is assigned to enforce commercial vehicles on our roads. Seems to me less radar enforcement and more preemptive truck enforcement might be the answer for

  2. I had a loved one killed at that intersection years ago (when it was a 4-way Stop sign) so I have a great deal of respect for that intersection and will not venture across until both sides (east/west) traffic have come to a complete stop. Let the person behind me honk their horn, I really don’t care. As a resident of Chappell Hill I see many people run that light all the time, one day we counted 8 cars that ran it. So I always tell people please be careful at the light and don’t venture across until the traffic has stopped. Prayers to the driver and all involved in that horrific crash.
    Hopefully this will expedite the construction of the overpass.
    Senior Citizen

  3. Every signal should have spikes that pop up as the light turns red.
    Folks don’t understand that they should modify their driving out of the city.

  4. Always want to blame the trucker in reality it is the people who drive around trucks that cause the accident. People who have never driving a truck don’t understand that. A full truck can’t stop on a dime neither can an empty with out the trailer coming around. I lived in that area and have seen my share of other vehicles going through that light zipping in and out around trucks to beat them to the light so they don’t have to wait for them to move. If wasn’t for truckers people you wouldn’t have food on your table, gas in tank, roads to drive on. I could go on. Educate yourself before blaming. When you are around a truck don’t pull directly in front of them don’t drive in there blind spot. Stop being in such a hurry that someone gets hurt. Educate yourself so we can continue to receive the items we need to survive and stop blaming. TxDot needs to make that intersection saver.

  5. I heard a lady from Chappell Hill said a pention was signed but nothing was done. Slowing down to 60 isn’t gonna help it seems slow b lower and watched more often by law I realize they can’t sit everyday but the way that traffic was they should have been. A few deaths, injuries r gonna occur if it’s not watched more carefully this area is bad even if trying to get to the stores, people need to keep distance also a person can break at anytime.

  6. Never pull into this intersection until you are certain everyone going east/west have come to a complete stop. They run red lights all the time.
    In the 20 years we have lived here, we have seen many accidents and two people have died. TXDOT needs to do a lot more than a couple small flashing lights to slow down traffic. There is a solution out there but how many more people have to die before they implement it?!

  7. Living in Chappell Hill you learn to not move until all traffic has stopped! Impatient drivers honk i don’t care. People have no regard of crossing traffic, and lower speed limits/flashing lights seem to not matter. DPS troopers(1) are out there but its difficult for them to stop all of them. Its too bad that drivers are not more curtious/careful, until it happens to them they never will be.

  8. That intersection is a death trap at any given moment. There should be a lot more that could be done to slow traffic on 290 as you approach the light. How many accidents before some one makes it a priority to improve the situation.

  9. There should be more of a delay between the light on 290 turning red before the other light turning green. I always look before I turn onto 290 because I know plenty of vehicles run that light, but not everyone is mindful of that and that 5 or more second delay could prevent some serious accidents.

  10. I drive by that intersection several times each week & it never fails that 1 or more 18-wheelers will be blowing through red lights, nearly hitting local residents. It’s too bad that Chappell Hill doesn’t have an alternate route to get into Brenham, without having to utilize that intersection. It’s gotten out of control with these drivers who feel it’s ok to run red lights.

    1. Reply to VanH: FM 2447 will take you to 290 on the north side of the highway, Chadwick Hogan to Jozwiak will take you to 290 on the south side of the highway, both taking you to Brenham and avoiding the intersection.

    THE Driver of the 18 wheeler didn’t plan to stop at the light and the other vehicles did.

    1. There are speed limit signs a mile out on either side, progressively slower.
      It’s the only traffic light on 290 from deep in Houston to the 577 intersection outside Brenham.
      Why would one bother to stop at a litte burg out in the middle of nowhere, that is, if you’re MORE IMPORTANT IN YOUR OWN MIND than those hicks out here in Central Texas!
      You could put warnings all the way back to Brenham and Hempstead and not change that mindset!
      I’ve traveled 290 since it was a two lane, upsy downsy, over hill and dale, and Houston had built all the way out to 34th Street. We country folks traveled 290 to big ole Houston (300,000 people then) Took 2 hours!
      The unnamed interstate (290) has a much different driver today. It’s rather dangerous for us to get out there now.
      I know I won’t be able to change it back, so I’ll just have to look real careful in the rearview mirror especially when the Chappell Hill light is turning yellow………..

  12. Just putting this out there before anyone starts condemning the truck driver that it could have been a medical situation. No way of know from reading this on Facebook but, just putting it out there.

    1. This is true, however, it is daily that large trucks on 290 roar through the red light at that intersection. There are signs posted to slow drivers down to 60 mph well in advance, which most drivers seem to ignore. Locals have learned to wait and take a good look after the light turns green on 1155, before venturing out onto 290. I’m worried about visitors that might bolt out there when the light turns green and not pay attention.

    2. Does anyone know the condition of the truck driver and anyone else involved? What happened? Did the truck driver crash into the other 5 vehicles?

      1. I was a citizen who stopped at the accident and helped with the driver of the 18-wheeler. He avoided the other vehicles by turning the way he did. Others at the scene said that he tried in every way to stop and was laying on his horn. He had just picked up a load in Brenham, so his trailer was full. Please don’t judge this man without knowing all the facts. He probably saved the lives of multiple people by reacting as he did.

          1. No, I have been trying to find out all week. No one else seemed to be hurt except the driver of the truck. One person reported to me that the driver died in route to the hospital but I haven’t been able to confirm either way. Obviously this is still on my mind a week later.

    3. I certainly concur with BL. Living south of 290, I use that intersection most of the time when I need to travel west. Crossing at 1371 to head west is often like a death wish. My experience at that intersection, literally over 50% of the time, once I receive the green, I’ve had to yield to idiots running through the W/E bound red light. I’m hear to tell you that the majority of the time is not big trucks. Boaters, livestock pullers to the little ol SUV types. People need to stay off their dang not-so-smartphones! That intersection has been a killer for years. How many more deaths before the state will take true corrective measures? DPS try their best. Is it up to them to babysit toddlers behind the wheel of motor vehicles?

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