The former municipal court judge for the City of Brenham says he found out secondhand that he was no longer employed with the city.

Bill Kendall (left), with wife Royceanna, as he is sworn in May 1, 2015 as Municipal Judge, with Mayor Milton Tate performing the ceremony.

Bill Kendall was removed from his position Thursday, after a unanimous vote from the Brenham City Council. Kendall, who formerly served as City Prosecutor, had been the presiding judge since May 2015.  He was reappointed last year for a term set to expire next December.

According to Kendall, he found out today (Friday) through friends that he had been removed from his position. He said, as of this afternoon, the city had not reached out to him to directly notify him of the council’s decision.

In addition, according to Kendall, he was never brought in for any of the council’s executive sessions to discuss his position with the city. Those executive session discussions date back to June.

When asked the reasoning for removing Kendall from the position, City Manager James Fisher said the city does not comment on personnel issues. He said the council will discuss the vacant position at a later date.

Kendall told KWHI that, while executive session information is privileged, he has had some citizens tell him the council was possibly concerned about him having more than one judicial position. Kendall also serves as Precinct Four Justice of the Peace in Washington County.

Kendall said it was a possibility, but not a certainty, that the council felt he was unable to devote his time fully to the city. He said he was disappointed in the council’s decision, but knows that the council had its reasons and acted on them.

According to Texas local government code, general grounds for removal from office include incompetency; official misconduct; intoxication on or off duty, caused by drinking an alcoholic beverage; a written petition for removal; and criminal conviction. Kendall said, while it may not be fair to speculate the council’s reasoning behind closed doors, he did not think his removal fit under any of those grounds.

KWHI has reached out to Brenham City Attorney Carey Bovey, and is awaiting his answer for clarification.

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