It was a historic moment in Washington County today (Thursday), as each of the four living Washington County judges came together.

Past judges Gus Mutscher, Dorothy Morgan and John Brieden, along with current judge John Durrenberger, met at Kruse Village to take photos with Lea Wie Photography.

(from left): John Durrenberger, Gus Mutscher, Dorothy Morgan, and John Brieden

Durrenberger believes this is the first time the county has ever had four living judges at one time, when considering past judges’ terms of service and their median age.



Mutscher became the 23rd judge of Washington County in 1977, and served until 1990.  Morgan served from 1991 to 2010, followed by Brieden from 2011 to 2018.  Durrenberger was sworn into office in January.

Durrenberger said he is humbled to be a part of the county’s history, and he hopes to follow in the county’s past judges' footsteps and be a credit to them.


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