H-E-B officials say they will continue to require its customers to wear masks after the statewide mandate ends this Wednesday.

Officials clarified the grocery chain is upholding its current protocol.

In a Monday press release, the company said, "Mask use at our stores will remain. Our signs requiring mask use will remain posted at entrances and we will continue to make announcements in store."

H-E-B President Scott McClelland says if a customer comes into a store and they don't have a mask on, then an employee will ask them to put a mask on or they will be offered a mask.

McClelland says if the customer refuses, it will not escalate beyond that.

Gov. Greg Abbott last week said that starting Wednesday, the state will no longer mandate wearing face coverings in public.  Abbott added that individual businesses may still set their own safety protocols.

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  1. Your original post said, “The freedoms they have gained control over us will never fully be given back[…]”, and it led me to believe, from the tense of the verb used, that they have been permanently removed. From a constitutional law point of view the practice of religion is not conjoined to religious gatherings; it merely gives individuals the right to practice a religion, but it does not guarantee the gathering of like-minded persons to do so. As well, church congregations can meet again (although some will be slow to do so out of precaution for members); the gov’t has not removed that permanently. My guess would be that if the nation were to need two or three million additional military personnel and reinstated the draft, many 18 to 25 year olds would think their rights have been taken away; however, it would be for the protection of the nation and done with that in mind. When no longer necessary, it would be stopped. Thank you for your reply, as it tells me that you did not post the initial comment as a one-off, knee-jerk response.

  2. I feel good shopping at H-E-B because I know that management cares about its employees. The novel coronavirus is exhaled by asymptomatic carriers and can enter through the eyeballs. Even when the mask mandate was in place, there have always been a few souls exercising their right to liberty and shopping without a mask. The vaccine doesn’t prevent getting COVID-19, it just prevents hospitalization and death. The situation will surely be better once more folks get vaccinated, but it will be a slow ascent to safety since so many others will refuse the vaccine.

    I care about H-E-B’s cashiers, stockers and managers. Therefore I will mask up. Love thy neighbor.

  3. If you do not like the company policy, then you are free to shop in another place for your groceries. If you disagree with mask mandates, then take your dollars to another store in the area.

    Vote with your feet and walk away from mask mandates if you disagree with HEB. That is what freedom is all about.

  4. If mask work then why are they still being worn? If social distancing works then why are you still being asked to do so? 14 days to slow the curve turned into 365 and counting. If a vaccine is supposed to help combat the virus then why do you still have to wear a mask and social distant after receiving the shot? Be reasonable, ask questions, and take control of your destiny. Wake up people!

    1. Duh u wake up. It’s because people don’t listen to this and don’t social distance and don’t wear a mask. If our country would have put down the hammer when this started and actually required these things and didn’t say o it’s ok u don’t have to then we wouldn’t be in this bad of a mess this long. Other countries were insistent on their rules to combat this and they are much better off now. But Americans are too worried about their freedoms to care about what needed to be done to stop this sooner. And well as for the vaccine Um only 7 percent of Texans have had it. That’s like nothing especially considering most of those are in nursing homes not out in public. So u can’t say we shouldn’t do these precautions anymore because there is a vaccine when basically a tiny minority have actually received it. When most have gotten the vaccine then talk about why are we still wearing mask. Omg

      1. During the mask mandate I observed more people than not wearing a mask. I’m sure those “dozens” of people not that were the reason for ALL the COVID infections. Your beloved Dr.Fauci was the one that said masks were not necessary and ineffective against the virus, then changed when he became political. Lastly, you’re ABSOLUTELY right I worry about our FREEDOMS because that’s what separates our Great country from others!! The freedoms they have gained control over us will never fully be given back and it’s a shame they used this situation to do so. If you like how other countries handled their manipulated COVID numbers then feel “free” to move there. No one said you couldn’t wear a mask if you want to, but it should be a choice. HEB has a right to say they want customers to wear them, customers have a right to say if they want to shop there, that’s called freedom!!

        1. I’m not sure why U said my great dr fauci. I didn’t comment anything about him and in fact don’t like him just like I don’t like anyone in charge in our country anymore. Our country is not great anymore as u call it that. Our country is a joke. Choosing to do the right thing is not a freedom. U people with y’all’s it’s my right to not wear mask speech make me sick. It’s about keeping people safe until no longer needed. And right now it’s needed. Do u have the choice to drive on the highway 100 miles an hour and just pray u don’t kill someone else? Um no. There are laws and rules to keep people safe. Masks are no different to keep the virus under control until more are vaccinated.

        2. For clarification, could you delineate what constitutional freedoms have been taken away since the beginning of the pandemic?
          Any privately owned business also has more than the right to say they WANT a customer to wear a mask; they have the right to require compliance with their own mask policy, and if the customer refuses and does not leave, local law enforcement can be called and the objectionable person charged with trespass.

          1. It is a Constitutional freedom to go to church.
            The First Amendment to the Constitution says that “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.”
            Churches were told during the pandemic that they were not allowed to gather. That was a freedom that was taken away.
            How’s that for clarification?

    2. I agree MS. Tell me what sense it makes to walk into a restaurant with a mask and walk 5 ft. to take it off when you sit down? The air isn’t any different.

      It seems it is all about following the rules and being compliant.

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